NXT's Kairi Sane says she might have hand, foot, and mouth disease

Former NXT women’s champion Kairi Sane said on Twitter early Tuesday that she might have hand, foot, and mouth disease. If that’s an accurate diagnosis, she is unlikely to be at NXT’s Wednesday TV tapings.

This past Thursday, Sane tweeted a photo of a thermometer reading 102.74, indicating a fever that is an early symptom of the virus. Then on Tuesday, Sane tweeted the following, translated from her native Japanese via Google Translate with emojis removed:

“The fever has gone down, but now my hands, feet and mouth have a mysterious eczema… Ouch you go to the hospital with it?(even in the United States, hand, Foot and Mouth Disease) It is a disease that infants under 5 years old have been examined, why did the virus enter my body by mistake? lol”

Traditionally an ailment that affects young children, hand, foot and mouth disease is particularly painful for adults with symptoms ranging from blister-like lesions in the mouth, a rash, fever, and a general feeling of being unwell. It is very treatable, but is also highly contagious.

If Sane was diagnosed with the virus, it’s highly unlikely she will be available for Wednesday’s set of TV tapings. NXT has yet to publicly announce her medical status or if she’s officially off the tapings as of this writing.

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