Jussie Smollett may face further legal woes over claims he staged racist attack

Jussie Smollett may face further legal woes over claims he staged a racist attack even after Chicago prosecutors dropped charges against him.

Smollett, an actor on the hit US series "Empire", said he was ready to "get back to work and move on with my life" after prosecutors decided not to proceed with the 16-count case against him on Tuesday.

However Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, is reportedly considering suing the 36-year-old for $150,000 over the incident, saying Smollett has made a fool of the city.

Mr Emanuel said police have evidence Smollett lied about an attack on January 29 in which two masked men hurled racist and homophobic abuse as they poured bleach on him and tied a rope around his neck.

"He abused the city of Chicago, he actually committed a crime here… he said he wanted his name cleared. That is what I want for him. Let’s get to the bottom of this, let’s find out what happened," the mayor told ABC News.

Jussie Smollett posed for selfies with fans after the charges against him were droppedCredit:
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The cable network reported Mr Emanuel may take legal action against Smollett to recoup some of the cost to the tax payer from the lengthy investigation into the actor.

Smollett could also face federal charges after Chicago Police confirmed an investigation into a death threat letter the actor supposedly received had been handed to the FBI.

Police have previously said they believe Smollett resorted to carrying out the fake attack after the threatening letter he sent to himself at his Chicago Fox studio two weeks prior did not garner enough attention.

Smollett said the letter contained a violent threat and homophobic slur€ in cutout magazine letters with a drawing of a crude stick figure hanging from a tree. It also contained a white powder which turned out to be aspirin.

Postal fraud is a federal crime and Chicago police told the Telegraph the FBI was investigating who was behind the letter.

In a statement, the US Postal Service said: "The US Postal Inspection Service is working closely with our law enforcement partners on this investigation"€.

Meanwhile Smollett’s future in the hip hop series "Empire", which follows the story of a family in the recording industry, appears unclear.

Fox, which produces the show, has not yet commented on Smollett’s future but said on Tuesday it is "gratified" that the charges have been dropped.

Chicago Police, who have continued to insist Smollett carried out a "hoax" on the city after prosecutors dropped the charges, released the full 61-page report into the actor on Wednesday. The redacted report, released to the media under a freedom of information request, outlined the lengthy steps that had led to police charging Smollett.

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