6/12 WWE Raw HOLT Report: In-person notes on reactions to Reigns, Flair, Darr-Fox, Bayley, Samson, Lesnar, Big Show


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JUNE 12, 2017

I live in Houston but made the trip to Lafayette for Raw.

-Brock Lesnar got a nice pop like I expected, but surprisingly there was a good pop for Samoa Joe when his music hit and definitely heard scattered “Joe” and “Joe is gonna kill YOU” chants throughout.

-A Ric Flair WWE promo/commercial showed probably during a TV break. Fans got a kick out of seeing him entertain the SF 49ers last year in the locker room. Until a shot of Colin Kaepernick was shown in the locker room. Showers of boos ensued. LOL. They reeealllly love the Hollywood/pro sports connection. SMH. Showed about four promos on the big screen throughout the show showing WWE interacting with other athletes/stars.

-Fans in my area were literally confused when the Noam Dar segment was on. People were saying, “Where are we supposed to watch? The ring or the jumbo screen. This is ridiculous.” Terrible segment to witness in person

-The Bayley segment got boos when she said she “put smiles on people’s faces” and also when she asked for the hug. While segment aired, it was scattered boos and disinterest .

-Elias Samson got good heel heat with boos tonight, but everyone was entertained and you could hear a lot of laughs mixed in. Won’t be surprised if fans start cheering the songs and chanting positively for him in a few weeks.

-Neville came across as biggest heel on the show. Really, he got the only true heel reaction from the entire crowd. Good character; even played heel after his segment back up the ramp after cameras were off of him taunting fans.

-Roman Reigns got a big pop for his dark match with Bray Wyatt. Reigns came across a lot better off of camera. He seemed more comfortable and showed more emotions, better facials, and seemed more human than he appeared on TV. Never really cared for him that much cause they overprotect him so much but Actually grew on me a little.

-Big Show is definitely getting the legacy pops now. Fans were happy to see him and he got cheers on the backstage segment too.

Overall, very entertaining show, but disappointed there was no Balor.

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