Macerata won regular championship

The first place was at stake in the last round between Macerata and Trentino. Macerata lost 3:2 with Piacenza but even one point was enought for Macerata to keep first place in regular championship.



At the Fontescodella gym, Corsano and co played to have fun and the crowd enjoyed it. Still, with everybody eventually back after two month of struggling, Piacenza interrupted Macerata’s unbeaten home run coming back from a 2-0 deficit. However, Macerata stayed top as Trentino also lost at the tie-break away at Martina Franca, who realised the double against the Italian Champs this season. Finally, Modena’s fans could enjoy one last win in straight set over Perugia.

In its last game in their 25 consecutive years in the A1, and before saying goodbye to the elite, Padova swept Pineto 3-0, but that’s little consolation to them. Vibo Valentia snatched the last playoff spot in the last round of the regular season. Jon Uriarte’s team had the better of Montichiari at home and will be amongst the 8 teams taking part in the post season from the 26th of March.

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