Mr. Nick’s Notes: RAW August 12, 2019

Toronto enjoys the fallout from an eventful SummerSlam.
RAW opens with a recap of the Universal Championship match and unlikely win by Seth Rollins. Which brings us to tonight and as expected the new Universal Champion gets his Monday after celebration.
Seth finishes bearing his soul to the WWE Universe and AJ Styles’ music hits and The OC head down to the ring. He’s here to congratulate Seth, but also to offer a challenge. Seth accepts the challenge eventhough he’s beat up from last night. Remember how Marty McFly couldn’t back down if someone called him chicken? Yeah, that’s Seth.

Sami Zayn interrupts Street Profits to give them some “knowledge” about how RAW is going to suck out their souls…can’t help but agree with Sami here. Street Profits get him talking about Samoa Joe who is of course standing behind him. Very cartoonish which is awesome.
Woah! A commercial for King of the Ring! Used to be a whole amazing ppv, but now it’s a week to week tournament. Either way I love it.
Match #1: Singles Match
Samoa Joe v Sami Zayn
This doesn’t take long at all.

Match End: Samoa Joe forces Sami to tap out for the submission victory.
After the match Joe gets a microphone and chastises the crowd for thinking that he would try to murder Roman Reigns.
Match #2: Singles Match
The Miz v Dolph Ziggler

Miz comes out with the best t-shirt I’ve seen in a long time. “Toronto is Awesome” in Maple Leafs Blue & White.
Ziggler comes out not wearing ring gear and is very ginger after his match with Goldberg last night. The crowd shows him no mercy. He’s still talking trash though. Says he isn’t cleared to compete, but of course he jumps Miz from behind then asks for the bell.
Miz beats up Ziggler for most of the match (I could get used to this) then slaps on the Figure Four.
Match End: Ziggler submits to the Figure Four then grabs a microphone and taunts Miz until he gets hit with a Skull Crushing Finale.
Becky Lynch lays down a challenge to the womens locker room. Game on.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias! He’s not going to sing until whomever is going to interrupt him comes out…and it’s…Ricochet!
Match #3: Singles Match
Ricochet v Elias
Ricochet said Elias sucks (disagree), so Elias says he’s not taking criticism from someone dressed like a superhero (such cool Nightwing gear) so this is happening.
Ricochet dove to the outside during this one and I haven’t heard a thud like that for a while. Elias grabs a guitar.
Match End: Elias goes for the guitar and Ricochet rolls him up for the pinfall victory…but his shoulder wasn’t on the mat. Way to go ref!
Match #4: 2 out of 3 Falls Match
Rey Mysterio v Andrade w/ Zelina Vega
Rey wants revenge for Andrade ripping his mask off and I don’t care what they do as long as we get more matches between them.
The first fall goes to Andrade when he dirty pins Mysterio while Zelina holds his feet on the ropes. Another big miss for the refs tonight. 1-0 Andrade.
Rey teases a couple of 619’s and eventually hits one but Andrade counters a frog splash.
Match End: Andrade gets the sweep tonight after hitting Rey with the Hammer lock DDT. This guy is the real deal.
Next up Michael Cole interviews Stone Cold Steve Austin via Skype (ugh) about how awesome Seth Rollins is. This is kind of odd. I get that they’re promoting his new show, but why fluff Seth Rollins along with it? Strange, but more Steve Austin on tv the better.
Did Rey Mysterio just retire?
Match #5: Singles Match
Drew McIntyre v Cedric Alexander
Before the match Drew had some intense words for Cedric. Can we finally unleash the potential beast that is Drew McIntyre? Wait…probably not, Cedric Alexander has a new t-shirt…
WHAT A MATCH! Clearly match of the night. Wow!
Match End: Can’t express how amazing this match was. Drew McIntyre wins after hitting the Claymore and pinning Cedric.
Paul Heyman looks pretty ticked off going into Brock’s dressing room. Which brings us to our next match…nothing bad will happen to these two….
Match #6: Singles Match
Robert Roode v No Way Jose
Eventhough we all know what’s going to happen here it’s nice seeing Roode not running after the 24/7 Title for a change. Just wish he would have kept the Glorious Mustache.
Match End: Robert Roode wins via pinfall. I honestly thought Brock was going to bust this up and weck both of them.
Paul Heyman has an exclusive. Brock Lesnar does NOT get a rematch with Seth Rollins and Heyman is actually at a loss for words. I’m sure for the first time ever.
Match #7: Tag Team Match
Lucha House Party v The Revival
Back to The Revival having to wrestle Lucha House party in throwaway matches on RAW. Will they get the titles again when they ask for their releases again?
Match End: The match is thrown out when R-Truth runs down to the ring with the rest of the 24/7 Title race.
Stupidity happens and The Revival both pin R-Truth to become co-champions?
Carmella drags R-Truth onto a knocked out Scott Dawson for the pin. R-Truth is the 24/7 Champion once again. Then everyone runs to the back.
ELIAS HITS R-TRUTH WITH A GUITAR! Pins him and is the new 24/7 Champion!
Natalya heads down to the ring wearing a sling. She has a very emotional moment remembering her dads 1 year passing away…then the music hits…
Holy smokes it’s Sasha Banks!
She acts like she’s going to console Natalya, but then attacks her! Can she be the real bad boss again? Please!?
Becky Lynch runs down and takes the fight to Sasha Banks! I’m all about this happening! Banks hits Becky at least 10 times with a chair before the refs try to break it up. Wow! The Boss is back!
Alright, so after all that awesome we get this next match.
Match #8: Tag Team Match
The Viking Raiders v Local Talent Losers Canadian Edition
Match End: Viking Raiders are enhanced for another week. Yawn…can they bring back The Ascension so they can have a build to mediocrity match?
Match #9: Womens Tag Team Championship Match:
The Kabuki Warriors v Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross(c)
This was a pretty entertaining match. Not the result I wanted, but I get where this is going.
Match End: Alexa Bliss pins Kari Sane after hitting Twisted Bliss to retain the Womens Tag Team Championships
Main Event: Non-Title Champion v Champion (aka a singles match) Match:
Universal Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins v United States Champion AJ Styles w/Raw Tag Team Champions Gallows & Anderson
Add my voice to the “The Champion shouldn’t come out first” group.
Seth Rollins has torso tape on again! DDP! DDP! DDP!
Took most of the match but The OC get thrown out of ringside but they aren’t down with that and hit the ring to take out Seth Rollins. Ricochet runs down to help Seth but doesn’t help for long before being taken out. The beating continues until BRAUN STROWMAN clears the ring to thunderous applause!
Braun grabs the Universal Championship and heads back into the ring to hand it to Rollins along with a handshake to end the show.
A solid show tonight with the major hilight being the return of Sasha Banks. Hopefully SmackDown brings the same tomorrow night.

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