AEW releases preview video for Fight for the Fallen, setting the stage for tonight’s streaming special on B/R Live (w/Keller’s Analysis)


PWTorch editor Wade Keller presents a special Thursday Flagship edition of the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast featuring a WrestleMania 36 Preview with ex-WWE Creative Team member and professional stand-up comedian Matt McCarthy.

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AEW has released a preview video for tonight’s Fight for the Fallen, setting the stage for tonight’s streaming special on B/R Live. As highlights aired of the prior AEW events, including Darby Allin’s stunning bump onto the edge of the ring apron, the voiceover speaks in first-person for fans: “They have made us feel again, they have made us remember what it’s like to be a fan.”

The narrator then talks about each match, and what’s at stake for each wrestler. Watch it below.

Keller’s Analysis: This is tremendous. AEW came up short in this category of stage-setting on their last free special. They put into focus, concisely, for a novice AEW fan what is at stake for each wrestler in the key matches, while also getting ardent AEW fans excited with great visuals and narrative snippets. This was a WWE-level video preview that shows AEW, in this category, can present a major league look on TNT. Getting upwards of 1.5 million viewers engaged out of the gate on TNT this fall, videos like this are going to be one of the keys.

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