Rodrigão leaves indoor volleyball

One of the most titled Brazilian player, Rodrigo Santana Rodrigão, leaves indoor volleyball for sand, sun, and tan. The middle-blocker is going to launch a beach volleyball career and to achieve such a success, in which he was taking part playing in the largest sport halls in the world.

As it occurs, the 2012 Men’s Club World Championships was the last international tournament in indoor volleyball for the Olympic golden medalist from Athens – Rodrigão.

‘I have already started workouts in the sand. I play beach volleyball with some group of my friends in Santos, where I live. Moreover, I have been advised, how to build a proper preparations system, so I hope you to see me winning ­ on the international stage soon’ – Rodrigão said in an interview for the ESPN Brazil.

Rodrigão will follow in another Brazilian volleyball star’s, Nalbert Bitencourt, footsteps, who also started an adventure with beach volleyball after retirement in indoor volleyball. However, Nalbert was not able equal the same level like all ‘professional’ beach players in Brazil and he made up his mind to come back into indoor sort of volleyball.

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