10 Things We All Hate About Volleyball

There are things that people dislike about any sport. It is no exception with volleyball. While we love this game, it is also one that can be extremely annoying (for somebody) at times.

Here are 10 reasons Why this feeling of Hatred for Volleyball Builds Up

1. Players think they are better than you when they play volleyball – Of course, they do have talent. This is game that is not always easy to grasp, but there is a level of arrogance attached.

2. Girls wear volleyball gear in public – One could tell players that this is not appropriate, especially when they need to look more respectable. When they are going out to eat, they need to be told that they are not going to the gym.

3. Friends of players become competitive – While players can sometimes be arrogant, there are people that you meet as a player who may be intimidated. To compensate, they will have the attitude that they want to beat you in certain other areas in your life. This can definitely be annoying.

4. Observers of volleyball are more interested in the bodies than the game – This is a given. It can relate to beach volleyball where women play in their bikinis. Men play shirtless. People watching are hardly interested in who is winning. This can sometimes be offensive to the players.

5. Players brag about how easy the game is – This is especially annoying when it comes from a professional player. Everyone knows that it is not easy to achieve goals at this level. There is a lot of hours that go into the daily routine. It obviously takes a lot out of you.

6. The ball is flat – There is nothing worse than arriving to a match and finding that you can’t find suitable ball. For volleyball players, there is not a lot of equipment that you need. It is only the the ball that is required. When this is flat, it can be frustrating.

7. The long walk to the bench – Players hate being sent to the bench. Sometimes they made a mistake. This was not intentional. Sometimes they didn’t’ make a mistake, but they still have to take the walk. This is where life can be cruel.

8. Players that are out of form – From time to time it happens that you are simply not playing well. However, it affects your confidence. It also affects the rest of the team. You become anxious because you know you are going to be dropped.

9. It is competitive – People are sometimes asked to play for fun. However, they soon find out how competitive it can be. A person who has never played before may be avoiding contact, wondering if the ball is going to hit them in the face. Another team mate will start to swear at them. You will leave, not wanting to play again.

10. It requires a lot of fitness – There is no doubt, you have to be fit to play a game like this. There is a lot of moving, shuffling and jumping around. You need to practice this.

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