White House Turns Away Monmouth Kids During Nor'easter: Reports

The White House turned away several foreign students from a New Jersey school who were on a class tour after braving the harsh weather conditions during the recent nor’easter, according to reports.

The group of seventh-graders from Henry Hudson Regional School in Highlands plowed through a snowstorm on Nov. 15 for their bus trip to Washington DC, according to The New York Post. But Secret Service agents stopped three who didn’t have their passports or other identification required for non-US citizens.

Henry Hudson administrators apparently did not verify that the students had the right ID before heading out on the trip, parents told The Post. Beforehand, the school had to send the White House a list of all students and adults expected to take the tour.

The students are in the US on visas, but didn’t bring their documentation. Without the verification, White House “boarding passes” sent to visitors in advance would be no good, according to Daily Voice.

Principal Lenore Kingsmore stayed outside with the students, school board member Karen Horner told The Post. “She was very upset. She was probably more upset than they were,” Horner told The Post.

The Henry Hudson Regional School District posted a group photo of the seventh graders in the cold outside the White House with the caption: “It was an experience to remember!” The post appears to have been taken down.

Henry Hudson Regional School District photo

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