Here's America's 10 Top Trending Google Searches Of 2018 (PHOTOS)

Google has revealed its top trends of 2018, with data showing the most popular terms being searched for across the United States and even the rest of the world. The annual review compiles lists of terms for a variety of topics including movies, television shows, musicians and bands and food.

With tablets and smartphones allowing us to search anything we want almost instantaneously, Google Trends’ year-in-search has truly become a definitive representation of its time. For example, last year’s most popular U.S. search term was “iPhone 8” with “iPhone X” even coming in third. Unlike 2017 though, the top five trending searches of 2018 are void of any technology and are comprised predominately of celebrity deaths.

This year, “World Cup” was not only the top trending term in the U.S., but also globally. From “Mac Miller” to “Black Panther,” take a look back at what people in the U.S. have been googling the most over the past year. Did anything in your search history make the cut?

Check out America’s most popular Google searches for 2018 below:

1. World Cup

2. Hurricane Florence

3. Mac Miller

4. Kate Spade

5. Anthony Bourdain

6. Black Panther

7. Mega Millions Results

8. Stan Lee

9. Demi Lovato

10. Election Results

Google’s Annual Year-in-Search Video 2018

Google Trends also reveals their most popular searches for a slew of other categories and topics, ranging from professional sports teams and athletes all the way to fashion brands and beauty questions. They even round up the top trending search inquiries that start with”What is…?” and “Where is…?”

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Check out some more of Google’s year in search for:


1. World Cup
2. Hurricane Florence
3. Mega Millions
4. Election Results
5. Hurricane Michael
6. Kavanaugh Confirmation
7. Florida Shooting
8. Royal Wedding
9. Olympic Medal Count
10. Government Shutdown


1. Demi Lovato
2. Meghan Markle
3. Brett Kavanaugh
4. Logan Paul
5. Khloé Kardashian

How to

1. How to vote
2. How to register to vote
3. How to play Mega Millions
4. How to buy Ripple
5. How to turn off automatic updates

Professional Sports Teams

1. Cleveland Cavaliers
2. Boston Red Sox
3. Philadelphia Eagles
4. New York Yankees
5. Los Angeles Dodgers


1. “Bohemian Rhapsody”
2. “This Is America”
3. “Baby Shark”
4. “God’s Plan”
5. “Killshot”

What is…?

1. What is Bitcoin
2. What is racketeering
3. What is DACA
4. What is a government shutdown
5. What is Good Friday

See the full lists and many more top trending searches on Google’s Year In Search 2018.

Lead image by Universal Images Group/Shutterstock;’Black Panther’ inset by Marvel/Disney; World Cup inset by Getty Images

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