JonBenet Ramsey's Brother Settles In $750M Defamation Suit

BOULDER, CO — The $750 million defamation case that Burke Ramsey filed against CBS Corp. and other parties who participated in a controversial 2016 documentary about the 1996 murder of his sister, JonBenet, has been settled, according to reporting by the Daily Camera. but those involved aren’t discussing terms of the agreement. The involved parties are not currently discussing the terms of the agreement.

Burke Ramsey’s lawsuit alleged that the documentary posited “that Burke Ramsey killed his six-year-old sister,” and that such a claim is “false and defamatory per se” and “Burke Ramsey did not kill his sister and had no involvement in her brutal murder,” reports the Camera.

According to a clerk in Judge David A. Groner’s office, an order of dismissal notated for the case means that the claims against those producing the documentary “are dismissed with prejudice and without costs or attorney fees. This is a final order and the case is closed,” the Camera explains.

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Photo Credit: Photo by Michael Smith/Newsmakers via Getty Images. An exterior view of the home of John and Patsy Ramsey April 30, 2001 in Boulder, CO.

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