Children Found Locked In Dog Cage, Neglected In North Texas

A man and woman in North Texas were arrested this week and charged with child endangerment after their children were allegedly found starving and living in a 3-by-3 foot dog cage in Rhome, a small city 50 miles west of Dallas. Andrew Fabila and Paige Harkings, both 24, were arrested Tuesday by Wise County Sheriff’s Office after responding to a domestic violence call, Yahoo reported. Fabila had numerous lacerations on his face, which can be seen in the mugshot above.

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Law enforcement officials searched a barn house on the property and found four children ages 5, 4, 3, and 1. The 4- and 5-year-olds were found locked in a padlocked kennel with no food or water, ABC13 reported. Harkings is mother to all four children while Fabila is only father to one, Yahoo added.

“This is at the top of the list of worst cases, as far as children,” Craig Johnson, chief deputy of Wise County Sheriff’s Department said February 12 according to the Independent.

Fabila’s bail is set at $60,000 and Harkings’ at $75,000.

Photos via the Wise County Sheriff’s Office

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