Signed Waiver Needed To Eat This Burger: It's That Hot

SAN DIEGO, CA – The heat is on at the seven Slater’s 50/50 restaurants in Southern California.

The eateries are peddling a burger, the “50 Alarm Burger,” so fiery hot that patrons sign waivers, before indulging, to let the establishment off the hook for diners’ possible gastrointestinal distress, tears or “overall regret.”

This amped-up, spicy overload features a beef-and-bacon-blended patty, which is rubbed with ghost-chili powder, that is topped with ghost-chili jack cheese, grilled jalapeño, habanero-bacon spread and a sunny-side-up egg. For an ultra-fiery, finishing garnish, spicy fried peppers top the brioche bun.

Up for the challenge?

Slater’s 50/50 restaurants are in:

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For diners who prefer meals that don’t make their eyes water, Slater’s also has a regular menu. Check it out here.

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