Joy Behar: Obama 'Was Too Good' — There 'Was Nothing to Make Fun Of' | Breitbart

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” comedian Jay Leno discussed political stand-up comedy with co-host and fellow comedian Joy Behar.

Discussing the current crop of late-night television talk show hosts, Leno said, “It’s kind of the same joke. I love them all, Samantha and Jimmy and the other Jimmy and Colbert, but you’re all kind of the doing a different version of the same joke. That was my whole point. To me, I like to humiliate and degrade both sides equally.”

Guest-host Ana Navarro said, “One side is doing such a good job of humiliating and degrading themselves.”

Leno said, “Well, that’s true.”

Behar chimed in, “That was the old school. Bob Hope used to do that.”

Leno said, “I did it when Clinton was horny, and Bush was dumb. It’s what we call a simpler time.”

Behar said, “You know, I did stand-up up until Obama came in because I was losing interest because he was too good and there was nothing to make fun of there.”

Leno agreed, “Yeah right.”

Behar said, “With Bush, it was a bonanza.”

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