Elon Musk's Girlfriend Grimes Reveals Routine of Sword Fighting, 'Scream Sessions,' Astro-Gliding to 'Other Dimensions'

Elon Musk’s girlfriend, Canadian pop singer Grimes, has revealed how she underwent an extreme form of eyeball surgery to treat depression, as well as her daily routine of sword fighting, scream sessions, and deprivation tanks.

In an Instagram post, the 31-year-old crooner described the “360 approach” to her daily training routine, which begins with her spending two to four hours in a deprivation tank, which she says allows her to “astro-glide” to other dimensions. In the afternoon, she takes a one to two-hour sword fighting session with her trainer.

After finishing her sword fighting, Grimes heads to her recording studio, which she describes as “pretty much a 1000 [square foot] IR Sauna” fitted with the “highest grade of red light.” This environment helps ensure that her “mind and body are functioning at peak level, with a neuroplastic goal between 57.5 and 71.5 AphC’s.”

Following her studio session, her friend Hana comes over for a combined ‘screaming session” for 20-25 minutes as she slow “boils the honey tea that maximizes vocal proficiency.”

Perhaps the most eyebrow-raising part of the Vancouver born singer’s lifestyle is her decision to “[eliminate] all blue light from my vision through an experimental surgery that removes the top film of my eyeball and replaces it with an orange ultra-flex polymer that my friend and I made in the lab this past winter as a means to cure seasonal depression.”

Grimes, whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher, has been dating Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk since early 2018. In March, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Grimes described Musk as a “super interesting person” but admitted her surprise at the level of media scrutiny over their relationship.

“I was simply unprepared,” she said. “I just thought I could keep going along in my funny little way, and then you casually respond to someone in a tweet and it’s on Fox News, and you’re like, ugh, you know? That was a very disturbing moment.”

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