Newfoundland's Snowstorm Didn't Stop Locals From Getting Around

With a record-breaking 76 centimetres of snow in 24 hours, Newfoundland residents found themselves snowed in. Literally —  there are walls of snow blocking people’s front doors.

Other parts of Canada weren’t spared from winter’s charms. Parts of Ontario saw up to 20 cm of snow. High winds of 70 kilometres an hour gusted through Manitoba. In Vancouver, residents struggled to clear off snow with anything they could find.

But, Newfoundland has had it the worst. St. John’s has been under a state of emergency throughout the weekend and will continue to be into the week. Even plowers were taken off the roads as the province watched snow completely cover their cars.

So, what to do? People dusted off their snowboards, skis and snowshoes, and went about their business. Watch the video above to see Newfoundlanders make the best of extreme weather.

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