Man Utd are the new Liverpool – Ole out!

You’ve loads of time to finish your Christmas shopping so send us a mail instead:…


The new Liverpool
– Stepping up when big teams come to town, keeping fans in an eternal cycle of misplaced optimism.
– Unable to consistently beat the worst teams in the league
– People on the outside finding the fanbase hilarious for their deeply placed trust in the management and players who clearly aren’t good enough for the top level.

Manchester United – you are the new Liverpool. I can even recall a few Man Utd fans writing in to the mailbox to tell us that if Ole gets some time then next year will be their year after the Man City result!

The final hilarious part of this is that everyone knows the club is rich and run by idiots. So every other team is waiting to rip you off for their ordinary players who aren’t actually at a higher level than the people you shift on for huge losses. The Glazer’s are loving life though so as long as you all keep buying the shirts, attending games and paying your sky subscriptions then nothing will change.

Since your fanbase is dumb enough to find hilarity in the song about feeding scousers, all the while ignoring that 1 in 3 children in Manchester live in poverty, I have no doubt you’ll all continue to line the Glazer’s pockets thus ensuring nothing significant changes. Here’s the good news chaps: as positive as beating Man City felt, it looks like nothing has changed. Actually, De Gea now earns £350k a week when he chucks them in the net on a weekly basis, so at least he’s earning an extra £5m a year whilst he wonders where his career might’ve gone if he’d left the burning building when he still had a reputation as a top level keeper.
Minty, LFC


Ole out
Forget the stories of culture change. It’s a tired excuse to buy time when you should be demanding results from international calibre players. That’s poor management.

A mediocre performance against Everton resulted in no repercussions and, consequently, no reaction. That’s poor management.

If you can’t evoke a response, you make sure you’re seen to try to get one. Failure to do so is an abdication of responsibility. That’s poor management.

Having huge resources and getting mediocre outcomes… you guessed it! That’s poor management.

You know the tree by its fruit and the fruit is poor. Time to get rid: Ole Out!
Joel Sparks, Flintshire


…Dear Santa,
This year for Christmas I would like Mauricio Pochettino to become the new Man Utd manager please.
I know this isn’t a huge stretch for you because Everton just got Ancelotti!

I hope I’ve been a good enough boy this year, I mean I always do my recycling and I threw a tramp in a Liverpool shirt a few quid so he could finally upgrade to a Villa shirt.
He said he wasn’t a tramp but I’m not so sure.

Thanks Santa,

Ben, Up T’North


Red mist
I’ve just finished seething from watching another pathetic performance from Man Utd and feel I need to vent my anger!

Utd were absolutely awful! Ever single player should be ashamed of themselves for that performance, there was no heart, effort or pride at all for any of the players on the field.

I felt bad for Utds midfield if I’m honest, I think it was Gary Neville who branded our front threes movement a joke a few weeks ago, I fear he may be wrong however as it’s our front fours movement that was a joke today! Not once did I see a good run from one of them.

Rashford is meant to be in the form of his life atm but he did what he has been doing all season and smashing shots from miles away and running down blind alleys. I really can’t see what the hell the plan is in games like this?! Martial is god awful at playing as a number 9, his hold up play is awful and he doesn’t bring anyone into the game at all. I really don’t understand how Ole hasn’t noticed we are awful against teams that sit in, so instead of playing these speed demons to get in behind, try something else.

Yeah we may not have the players to change the way we play currently but one amazing player isn’t going to change all that either.

If I was Ole I would be flogging Martial (or keep him to rotate with Rashford, getting shot of Pogba and spend some money on a proper centre forward and attacking midfielder (plus another right winger if money permits).

Maguire, Lindelof, Wan Bissaka and Shaw are a fine back line the issue is with the players at the top not contributing like they should be.


…As I predicted last week, Watford beat Utd. How come the players couldn’t get themselves up for this game? How come Solskjaer couldn’t motivate them? Absolute rubbish. They should be ashamed of themselves but they are not.

Ken, Cork, Ireland



Pearson eats wolves for breakfast
Seeing Watford show the battling qualities that might give them a chance I’m reminded of the story of how Nigel Pearson once fought off a pack of wolves that had surrounded him in Transylvania, gouging the eyes of one blood hound.

In other words, don’t mess. Imagine him training this ferocity into Troy Deeney. And be afraid.
Schlomo Jenkins


Ugly racism
Morning all

Wrote in a couple of weeks back on racism in the game, and after being at the Spurs v Chelsea game yesterday, awful to see fans of my own club doing it. Would like to discuss the game and how Spurs were set up incorrectly from the off but feels like a minor issue now…

Racism isn’t a football issue as I said a few weeks back and Gary Neville so eloquently discussed last night (right before Sky Presenter David Jones had to jump in and protect corporate rights about this being an opinion for Gary alone… bravo).

I mentioned a few weeks back that football can try and combat the issue, with white players stepping up (exactly again what Gary said, how he regrets doing nothing 15 years ago when Ashley Cole was abused). But as we can see, 15 years on, nothing has changed.

Announcements over a tannoy aren’t gonna stop pissed up idiots and this isn’t something for Rudiger to change. It’s up for all players, and especially the senior players, the Kane’s etc, stepping up if it happens again and leading the team off. Right now all the focus is on Rudiger rightly so, he was the victim. But it shouldn’t just be affecting Rudiger. It should affect his teammates, his opponents, every player. Because i can tell you now it’ll be in the minds of players like Danny Rose and Dele Alli.

It wasn’t this bad 10/15 years ago because racism *has* been normalised in high offices, daily in the media. And unfortunately I don’t think football is going to help solve it whilst people continually read The Sun and Mail in their lives.

Guess I should be thankful I don’t get my head kicked in like it was for fellow Asians in the 70s and 80s.
Dip, North Stand Tottenham  (Chelsea deserved the win, Jose got it massively wrong with Sissoko and Dier in middle).


Awful Spurs
Jose Mourinho is as relevant now as Kenny Dalglish. Both used to win trophies.

If anyone thinks a ‘midfield’ which includes a dogsh** Eric Dier and Sissoko could create anything surprising and/ or dominate any half-decent team needs to be sacked. Or if they are managing the team they need to explain why quite obviously superior players are not playing in central midfield.

Mourinho seemingly offers nothing. Under Pochettino there was a fairly obvious way that we would attack a compact defence (even though it was far too slow with no jeopardy as the deep midfielders – unless Eriksen played there – would not shoot). This game shows Mourinho has no plan. Nothing. F*** all.

Also wasn’t it lovely to see this week the choreographed Jose and Levy PR stunt with Jose saying he doesn’t want to spend on new players. EVEN THE WORLD’S BIGGEST IDIOT CAN SEE SPURS NEED NEW PLAYERS. Surely he’s not that stupid??? Or is he? This is his last chance! Maybe he is so rubbish that he can’t see how bad it is?

The worst thing is that they did not show up again – just like the United game.
Dave, Winchester Spurs (profit FC)


Not that kind of player?
Well what a performance from Chelsea, Lampard got his tactics spot on, Willian and Mount put in Man of the Match performances and overall we were very impressive.

One controversial thing I will say is about Son, he isn’t so Mr Nice Guy in my books, you could say the Gomes ankle break was pure accidental, however his reaction to Rudiger where he pushes his leg into the Chelsea defender’s chest shows a nasty intent and he was deservedly sent off.
Mikey, CFC


Champions of the world?
If Fred’s intention was to get under the skin of every Liverpool fan then by jove he’s achieved it. Way to bite lads and lasses.

Also, I’m an Arsenal fan:
1) we’re a bit shit, lets get that out the way
2) absolutely no axe to grind with Liverpool, they’re doing bloody well.

But when did winning the world club cup or whatever it’s called become a thing? Isn’t it a bit like an international community shield?


…In response to Raul H Garcia and his ‘every international title’ claims…..Must have forgot the Cup Winners Cup existed prior to the Klopp days and such a shame they’ll never get to have that full set!
Gareth ‘a non bitter fact checker’. Sydney


Liverpool’s lead will narrow
Just sitting down after an incredibly long weekend and thought I would read the mailbox. Then saw ’Raúl H. García (I admit i once tweeted #KloppOut… THAT january 2017) LFC-YWNA 1892’‘s email.

Jesus H Christ.

You tweeted Klopp out? Anyone with any sense at all should have been able to see that Klopp was, is and always has been the best thing that could happen to Liverpool. You could be forgiven for questioning whether he would be able to succeed ahead of a money rich City with Pep at the wheel but surely everyone could see he is by far the best manager we could get and was a perfect match – even if we didn’t make it to where we are now.

Also, the league is definitely not a foregone conclusion. We will get back knackered and have an incredibly difficult run of games coming up. Expect the lead to narrow and pressure to build by the end of January.


Angry of Abuja
I have been following F365 for 7 years now and I have never seen the need to write in until when my club appointed a rookie as a manager when the club is currently in crisis.
First of all, I must say that I will support Arteta starting from our next game. But I need to let all the fans know that Arsenal have made the wrong decision in appointing Arteta. Please hear me out.
Firstly, the only reason Arteta was appointed wasn’t because he is the best for the job or because he knows the club. It was because he was the cheapest option. It is obvious that we need an experience coach like Ancelotti or Allegri or Pochettino. I bet Ancelotti would have chosen us ahead of Everton. But our Chairman wants someone that can continue to manage the players we have now along with the youth players. Someone that will earn less and won’t demand for a transfer chest to compete. Hence, he went for Arteta.
Secondly, we have some players now that won’t want to play under Arteta and/or Arteta won’t want to play like Ozil, Aubameyang, Luiz. So this is a good opportunity to discard these players.
And the way the press (F365 inclusive) are buying the bullshit Arsenal management are spilling is annoying for crying loud. Even the fans are not complaining.
I hope I’m wrong and I sincerely hope Arteta gets us firing again and especially qualifies us for Champion League but I seriously doubt it.
Sorry for the rant but I need to get this of my chest. COYG!!!
Abdulahi, Abuja, Nigeria

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