From Lord Ayyappa To Beef And Dogs, Here’s Everything That’s Been Blamed For Kerala Floods

Kerala is still reeling under the effects of the worst floods the state has seen in nearly a century. The torrential rains which battered the state for the week have left a trail of destruction across Kerala. But as the state was facing its worst crisis, it was absolutely despicable to see some people making all kinds of absurd claims about the reasons for the unprecedented rains.

While the fact of the matter was that Kerala received 42 per cent more rains than normal, which actually caused the flood, others had some other ideas.

Allowing women’s entry in Sabarimala

This was one of the first and most absurd of the claims to make rounds. One of the most high profile persons to link the two incidents was S Gurumurthy, an RSS ideologue and noted conspiracy theorist who was recently appointed to the board of the Reserve Bank of India.

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