After The Suspicious Mass Suicide, Locals Are Scared To Cross The ‘Haunted’ Burari House

An eerie urban legend was bound to rise around the house given that it was the site of the bizarre drama of the entire Bhatia-Chundawat family killing themselves.

For days in July, there was intense speculation whether the 11 pipes protruding from its walls had any significance with the 11 suicides. The mystery lingers on — but now in whispered tales about a ghostly presence that deters anyone in Burari’s Sant Nagar locality from venturing close to the two-storey structure after dark.

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The more inquisitive of the city’s people often go there to peep into the house, perhaps hoping to get the thrill of an otherworldly experience. But by and large, by late evening, people desert the narrow lane on which the house stands and children skip away to other play spaces.

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