Kvyat against Halo despite ‘very strong’ arguments

Daniil Kvyat remains against the introduction of the Halo despite “strong” arguments from the FIA during Friday’s driver briefing.

The FIA delivered a presentation to the drivers at the Hungaroring on Friday afternoon as F1 teams prepare to vote on the Halo’s introduction for 2017. It is understood the presentation involved a case study of major crashes in different single seater categories over the past few years, where no outcome was shown to be negatively impacted if the Halo was introduced.

While there were limited examples of the Halo having little impact, the presentation showed it would have been a positive addition in the majority of cases but Kvyat says he is still not in favour of the cockpit protection device being introduced.

“The arguments they gave us are strong,” Kvyat said. “But the final word would be no.

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“The arguments they gave us are very strong. It does help us when the wheel comes off and when you roll and this and that. If we really want to, we can make Formula One completely sterile and completely safe, but the question mark is where we need to stop.

“I don’t know if we have already gone too far or if we have reached that point with Halo. I might be playing the devil, but I have already said multiple times that when I come to the race track I already know it might be my last day in the office. It looks like now that it is fading away.

“I’m not trying to be a hero or anything, but in the end we are racing for other people and Formula One is a show.”

Asked which way he would vote, Kvyat replied: “It’s not up to drivers to vote, it’s up to bigger people, which will be soon. There will be a vote.”

And Kvyat fears the Halo is the first step towards closed cockpits, which he says “is not Formula One anymore.”

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