World Mosquito Day: Alarming Rise In Mosquito-Borne Diseases Becomes Top Concern!

For humans, what’s the most deadly animal? Sharks, snakes, other humans perhaps. However, leaving all these horrifying creatures behind, the mosquito is the one you must fret. These pesky insects might lack in size, but are vectors to few of the world’s deadliest diseases. While malaria has always been a cause of concern, India witnessed an alarming spike in dengue cases in 2017, the highest in the last decade. Immunity, hygiene, preventive measures, and sanitation play a major role in preventing mosquito-borne diseases.

Not only do these diseases take a toll on a persons lifestyle and family, but they also impede the country’s socio-economic growth, by compromising on tourism and production.

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While eradicating mosquito-borne diseases is a “work-in-progress”, one must contribute to the ongoing discourse, and what better than Works Mosquito Day to initiate it.

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