These Israelis Are Finding Alternatives To Plastic, Here’s How Their Efforts Can Inspire Indians

It’s high time that 1.3 billion Indians should be on a war footing against plastic. There are debates about who should begin first. Should the government impose ban or should the people change their habits to end dependence on unnecessary single-use plastic. There are a variety of reasons why a blanket ban on plastic is not considered to be a good idea in India right now. However, there Individuals who believe that people should make the first move and prepare the ground for a successful policy against plastic.

They look for ways here and there that help them overcome this menace. A story about their Israeli counterparts is so inspiring that the Indians could actually learn a lot from it.

An average Israeli produces about 1.7 kilograms of garbage a day, which means about 612 kilograms in a year. But Or family, sometime back, vowed to cut down on trash and are now successfully doing it. Here’s how:Click Here: Maori All Blacks Store

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