Hulkenberg: All pumped up and ready to play!

Nico Hulkenberg is donned in his new yellow colors at Renault, a lively shade which has put a spring in the German’s step on the eve of a new season.

Hulk has settled in nicely with the French manufacturer and with F1’s the new-spec cars which he labels unequivocally as ‘bloody fast’!

“There’s a lot that’s new, but the game is still the same,” says the 29-year-old.

“I feel happy in my new home and there was a lot to learn over testing, whether it be new names and faces or a new steering wheel, but everything has been positive.

“Importantly, the new cars are bloody fast and a lot of fun!”

But the fun may subside a bit to make place for some hard work behind the wheel of the physically more demanding cars, while Renault also continues its progress up the ranks, with no lack of competition from its rivals.

“The first race of the season is going to be very exciting. The cars are like driving a very fast and spectacular roller-coaster and it’s a lot more demanding than before, now you have to wrestle these cars!

“The tyres allow you to push harder every lap, so you can exploit and be on the limit, it’s a lot more work and a lot more demanding.

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In terms of performance I see us in the midfield at the moment but the pace is good and from here we can improve step by step and work our way up.

“It’s going to be a tough fight as there are some very fast and well established teams currently ahead of us, but we have everything we need to fight for points. It should be a good season.”

Like his colleagues, Hulkenberg enjoys the atmopshere of sunny an laid back Melbourne, perhaps the best venue to kick off a new season of racing.

“I love going to Australia and to Melbourne. I’m super-comfortable there as it’s a wonderful place with great people and there’s a very relaxed atmosphere.

“Albert Park itself is just beautiful, especially when you drive into the track in the morning and see that it’s packed with fans – you get so much support there.

“It’s great to see so many people come and watch what we do.”

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