‘Angry but patient’ Sainz laments stagnation

Carlos Sainz believes patience is a virtue but the Toro Rosso driver also blends in a bit of anger as he waits to move up the ladder.

Sainz’ achievements in 2016 probably exceed his car’s potential but the promotion of team mate Max Verstappen to Red Bull Racing inevitably produced a feeling of stagnation.

In the latter part of last season, he was also coveted by Renault , only to have Red Bull block the move, while a seat at Mercedes could have also been envisaged.

“It’s difficult,” the 22-year-old told Spain’s El Pais newspaper.

“Doing a year in F1 like the one I did is very difficult. That’s why I’m angry that I am not moving forward.”

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Sainz vows to be patient however, aware that his performances will warrant a big break at some point.

“We had a very interesting offer from Renault that in the end was rejected by me as much as it was by Red Bull.

“That’s life. If I had done that season in any other year I think I would have got a seat at Red Bull, but now the team is full, they are very happy with the two drivers they have.

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“As I said, that’s life, and sometimes F1 is difficult to understand. I just have to have patience and it will come,” Sainz added.

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