Magnussen expecting ‘massively hard’ cars to drive

Like his colleagues, Haas’ Kevin Magnussen is going the full nine yards when it comes to training, preparing his mind and body for the new generation of F1 cars.

With bigger wings and wider tyres, the 2017 Grand Prix car is expected to be a lot faster but also tough to drive, but Magnussen is relishing the challenge as well as the increase in performance.

“The training is not just two hours on a bike or on a treadmill, it’s really tough, focused training, which I enjoy,” explained the Dane who swapped to the Haas team for 2017 after a year with Renault.

“I’m quite excited because having faster cars is good for us. We want to push and to go fast and be on the limit.”

“With the last generation of cars, the grip was so low and the power compared to the grip was very high. You were always on the limit from the moment you leave the pitlane.”

“I hope it’s going to be more challenging to find the limit.”

    Haas F1 drew from its NASCAR experience

The Haas F1 Team driver doesn’t agree however with those who believe the new rules may not enhance the racing by making overtaking more difficult.

“The DRS should have a bigger effect than last year as there is more downforce and drag on the rear wing,” he told Autosport.

“When you open the DRS it should make a bigger difference to the car in front, so there are things that point to better racing.

“With more downforce, you would think it would be hard to stay close but we will have to wait and see.”


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