'Ronaldo is not agile enough' – PSV's Aaygun96 on building his FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

The PSV FIFA pro has a strong team but there’s no room for Ronaldo in an attack that already includes Messi and Neymar

Ali Riza ‘Aaygun96’ Aygun is a lifelong PSV fan and joined his hometown team in 2017. Goal caught up with the Eindhoven native while he was competing at the first FUT Champions Cup of the FIFA 20 Global Series to talk through his FIFA 20 Ultimate Team and what it’s like playing for the Dutch giants.

Who is your MVP?

My MVP is by far Eusebio. He is very agile, fast and has 5* weak foot which makes him unpredictable

Have you had any players you were disappointed with?

Cristiano Ronaldo, he was good in every FIFA for me but this year he’s not agile enough and it’s hard to turn with him, that’s why I dropped him off.

Which is the best player on your bench?

Mertens (87). He is fast, small and has a good finishing which is important if you’re playing extra time.

Steven Bergwijn and Donny Mallen, both PSV players, have had great Team of the Week cards, have you been tempted to include them?

I have tried Malen and yes he is very fast but needs some improvement with his finishing. Otherwise, I would use him every game as a super-sub.

You’ve got three Ultimate Scream cards in there, how have you found them?

Giovinco was always one of my favourite players in FUT. Unfortunately, his Ultimate Scream card isn’t fast enough. Chong is okay and he is left-footed. I haven’t tried Pique yet but I will do that soon.

What’s it like playing for PSV?

It’s a dream which came true. I was born in Eindhoven and have lived my whole life in this city. I support PSV with my heart and I’m very proud to represent them in national and international competitions.

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Have you had a chance to play with any PSV players?

Yes, I’ve played with several players but the best experience was with Lozano. It was a great experience to play with the best player of PSV at that time.

At PSV you get to teach children how to play FIFA, what advice do you usually give them?

We teach them how to use custom tactics, instructions and teach them to stay calm if it goes wrong. We also go through tricks and other stuff in the game.

How have you found FIFA 20 compared to 19? What have been the biggest changes you’ve needed to adapt to?

I prefer FIFA 20 instead of FIFA 19 because the glitch crosses and volleys are out of the game. I also like that defending is more manual in FIFA 20, but I would like to see more improvement with removing the auto blocks of the AI, that’s still annoying.

What’s your aim for this season, do you think you can win the eWC?

Winning is a very big goal, but I will first aim to be at the WC which I never reached. I came close with FIFA 18 and lost in the final round for the ticket to the World Cup, but I will do my very best to go to the World Cup this season.

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