Silverstone a great acquisition for F1 – Brown

McLaren boss Zak Brown believes Liberty Media should buy Silverstone and develop the site into an international activity hub for F1.

Silverstone is on tenterhooks, with the BRDC, the circuit’s current owners, expected to activate a break clause next week by which it will terminate its British Grand Prix contract with F1 beyond 2019, and seek a new deal with the sport involving a reduced rights fee.

But Brown suggests a viable option for F1, and for the future of the British GP, would be an outright purchase of the track by Liberty Media.

“My view is Liberty should buy Silverstone,” said Brown.

“Much like the NFL – which is a pretty successful sport – they own their own Super Bowl which moves around.

“I think Silverstone is a great track. I sympathise if, with the escalator, it cannot make money, so we need to figure out a way for them to make money. So we either create new revenue streams or re-cut the deal.”

Brown’s vision involves developing the site into an International activity center evolving around F1, an idea which would make financial sense according to the McLaren executive.

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“You could do an F1 Hall of Fame, you could do racing schools, and eSports.,” added Brown.

“If you owned the property yourself there is a lot of incremental activities.

“Testing too. Maybe instead of it all being in Barcelona for eight days, you could do it at Silverstone – and really open it up to the fans. Personally I think it would be a great acquisition.”

Brown says he  submitted his ideas to Liberty Media recently, and they were not met with rejection.

“I have voiced my views on that,” he said.

“They listen. They will be quick to tell you if they disagree, and they didn’t disagree with the logic. But I wouldn’t want to put words in their mouth that they are going out to buy it.

“The nice thing about Liberty is that you can just share your views, take them on board, see them register and they have a lot of stuff going on. It is easy for me to say just go buy it.”

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