In a nutshell: which tyres for the British GP?

After a gripping race in Austria where tyres had a defining role, it’s on to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone where Pirelli’s ‘ice blue’ hard compound will make its debut.

Formula 1’s exclusive supplier has selected the hard, medium and soft tyres for next weekend’s last race of the sport’s first-ever triple-header.

Silverstone’s fast and demanding lay-out was resurfaced earlier this year, leading Pirelli to opt once again for the tread-reduced tyre structure that it used in Spain and France.

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“Silverstone is always a big challenge for tyres, thanks to lateral loads that can amount to 5g or more,” explains Pirelli’s Mario Isola.

“Because of this, we have decided to give the hard tyre its debut at Silverstone, to come with some of the most significant demands of the season.

“Nonetheless, with the whole of the range going one step softer this year, this is effectively the equivalent of last year’s nomination.

“The new asphalt results in faster lap times, as we’ve already seen through data collected from our GT racing programme, putting more energy through the tyres.

“This is why we have not gone any softer than last year. But that’s without taking into account the notorious changeability of the British weather, which could give us bright sunshine or heavy rain, so teams will have to be ready for anything.”

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