Vettel admits F1 future partly hinging on 2021 rules

Sebastian Vettel has yet to determine his F1 future beyond next season, but the sport’s 2021 regulations could have a major bearing on his decision to remain or not in the sport.

Speculation over the Ferrari driver’s future has ramped up lately, with theories ranging from a move back to Red Bull as soon as next year to a complete withdrawal from the sport.

For now, Vettel is dismissing the hearsay, insisting he intends on honoring his contract with Ferrari which extends to the end of 2020.

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However, for the four-time world champion, the choice of remaining in F1 beyond that term could be more dependent on the rule-book than on a lucrative new deal, regardless of the team.

“Yes. I still need to look at in a way that I say the cars are exciting, the formula is exciting,” Vettel answered when asked if the sport’s 2021 rules would be an important factor.

“Time is ticking obviously. It’s good we’ve been asked. We [the drivers] gave our opinion and we will give our opinion again.

“Hopefully we find the sport taking the right turns to grow, to allow us to race, to allow us to challenge ourselves and explore our skills.”

Vettel recently claimed to be unruffled by his 17-race winless streak or his failure to bring the title back to the House of Maranello.

He did however express a few objections with F1’s current class of cars compared to the machines he enjoyed driving a decade ago.

“At high speed they are top of the class. Low speed… I wouldn’t say bottom of the class! But they are just too heavy,” the German said.

“It’s something I don’t like. I think a Formula 1 car that I got to know first was very exciting throughout the speed ranges.

“And the race turned out to be a sprint race, which was great because you could push yourself and the car and the tyres every lap.

“That has changed a bit. We are managing some races more, some races less. Some management will always be here and rightly so. You need to also use your head, not just your feet and hands.

“But still the one rewarded most should be the fastest guy.”

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