Alonso could be tempted to return to ‘different’ F1 in 2021

Fernando Alonso says Formula 1’s 2021 regulation platform and the potential changes to the sport it entails could tempt him to jump back into Grand Prix racing.

Alonso, who retired from F1 at the end of last season, remains a McLaren ambassador and is present in Monza this weekend with the papaya squad.

The Spaniard’s 2019 schedule included an ill-fated and second attempt at the Indy 500, the successful conclusion of his stint with Toyota in the WEC and preparations with the Japanese manufacturer for an onslaught on the Dakar rally raid early next year.

“I think I need to figure out a couple of different challenges out of Formula 1 that I need to complete,” Alonso told Sky F1 in Monza.

“They are not yet finished, like the Indy 500 and some other stuff. And 2021 with the new regulations I think is a good mix that we can find there and maybe a different Formula 1 from what we see now.

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“I think the reasons why I left Formula 1 last year are still present now, with the domination from one team and the races a little bit too predictable.

“But in 2021 these things can be changed and maybe it’s a good opportunity there.”

Alonso is keeping a watchful eye on developments and on any potential opportunities that may arise, but the 38-year-old admits that a 22-race calendar could act as a deterrent.

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“Any other sport is more unpredictable than Formula 1. If you see MotoGP, if you see Indy, so I think there still some things [that need changing]…

“I think the new regulations are made for that, to level the field a little bit and to have a bit more options there.

“The only bad thing is the calendar: 22 races is non-stop, it’s quite demanding, so let’s see. I’m getting old.”

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