False Alarm: Ed Sheeran Didn’t Exactly Quit Twitter

Fear not, Sheerios—Ed Sheeran hasn’t disappeared from social media completely.

Following his interview with The Sun where the 26-year-old singer stated that he “can’t read” Twitter anymore due to the negativity, fans feared that Sheeran quit the platform completely. However, he clarified with an interview on Today that it’s not the case.

“They made so much of a big deal out of this,” he explained. “I got asked in an interview if I read negative things and I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t even go on Twitter anymore.’ It’s not like I quit it. I still post on Instagram and post on Twitter.”

He continued, “I’m just not going to wake up and read something and be like, ‘Well, that’s rude.’ I don’t want to choose to do that anymore, and everyone’s made a huge deal out of it.”

Host Matt Lauer said he likely had plenty of good tweets to read thanks to his fans who were outside ready to watch him perform.

“There’s so much positivity out there,” Sheeran replied. “I’m just saying as a human being, we always read the one negative one and ignore the others, and I don’t want to do that. It’s just foolish to do when there’s love out there in the world to look at the negative stuff. I’m just choosing not to read it.”

Sheeran told The Sun that he still finds that a troll can bring him down.

“One comment ruins your day,” he shared. “The head f— for me has been trying to work out why people dislike me so much.”

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Lady Gaga came out in support of Sheeran after he mentioned that her fans sometimes assumed he was speaking about her during interviews.

“What an incredible talented artist I LOVE ED,” she wrote. “@teddysphotos deserves all our love and respect like all humans do. I wish all people on the internet would be positive and loving and a part of creating an online community that is kind and empowering, not hateful and mean. No reason to tear down an artist simply because they are on top. Work harder to be kinder everybody. That should be your first duty to humanity.”

On Wednesday, Sheeran clarified his remarks on Instagram: “…loads of Hoo-har about me quitting stuff. I haven’t quit anything, I’m just not reading anything, except Harry Potter. Hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th yo.”

Fresh from headlining Sunday night at the Glastonbury Festival, Sheeran is back on the road as part of his North American tour to support his latest album, ÷.

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