Amy Schumer Poses Nude with a Dog Dressed in Hot Dog Costume—Yes, Really

Amy Schumer’s always had a somewhat quirky social media presence, but her latest post really drives that idea home.

On Wednesday, the Snatched star posted a photo of herself standing in a kitchen, completely nude save for what appears to be a beige thong and a small dog dressed in a hot dog costume (Tati, is that you?!). “Hot dog dog,” she captioned the unexpected snap.

In the background of the mysterious shot stands a woman mid-laugh, head thrown back in the type of hysterical expression one might expect a friend of Schumer’s to revert to constantly.

The mysterious blonde appears to have an earpiece hanging down her left shoulder, so we’re assuming Amy’s on some sort of set.

Whatever the case, we can tell by the look of pure joy on the actress’s face that she’s having a damn good time.


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There must be a story here, and we can’t wait to hear it!

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