A Paris Hilton Doppelgänger Was Cast In Lindsay Lohan’s Beach House Ads

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And now, Lindsay’s beach club is casting Hilton doppelgangers?? What does it all mean? Here are some theories:

1) Lindsay had nothing to do with the casting of this ad.

2) Lindsay had everything to do with the casting of this ad, but really didn’t see the similarities between the model and her frenemy.

3) Lindsay knew exactly what she was doing and is waiting for someone to call her out so she can pull a Mariah Carey and be all, “Paris Hilton? Hmm, I don’t know her … “

4) This is Lindsay’s way of letting Paris know that she cares about her and is welcome to visit her Grecian beach club whenever the need arises.

5) This is Lindsay’s way of implying that she’s in a higher social strata than Paris is thus her figurative employer … ? OK, that was a stretch, even for me.

Maybe there’s hope yet for a Paris Hilton cameo on Lindsay’s new reality show?

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