Facchinetti quits Gucci

After a mere two seasons as head designer for womenswear at Gucci, Alessandra Facchinetti is jumping ship. She leaves her responsibilities to Frida Giannini, who previously headed up the accessories line.

Both women followed in Tom Ford’s footsteps at the Italian fashion house. Ford stunned the fashion industry with his departure from Gucci last April.

Gucci announced the departure of Facchinetti, effective immediately. According to the statement released by the company, Facchinetti “is leaving the company after a disagreement with management”. She previously worked under Ford for three years before taking over the reigns as womenswear designer. Although she had not received rave reviews for her collections, the general consesus was that any decisions as to her capabalities would be withheld until Ford’s legacy could be put to rest.

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Meanwhile, Giannini hit the ground running with her accessories collections, which are currently thought to make up 80 per cent of Gucci’s sales. Rumours abound that her appointment as Facchinetti’s replacement are the result of Fendi’s efforts to hire her to revamp its accessories department. Mark Lee, President and Managing Director of the Gucci Division, said of Giannini: “Since joining Gucci more than two years ago, Frida has displayed extraordinary creative talents and leadership qualities. The enormously positive response to the current collections attests to these exceptional strengths.” With regard to Facchinetti’s departure, he added: “Alessandra is a talented designer and I would like to thank her for her important contribution to Gucci, particularly this past year.”

In light of CEO Robert Polet’s aim to double the company’s revenue over the next seven years to $ 4 billion (GBP 2.85 billion), Giannini has her work cut out for her and will undoubtably feel the pressure of her new position. However, she remains positive. “I’m thrilled and honoured by the opportunity offered to me to expand my creative vision of the Gucci woman.”

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