Asics’ sunny sports style

Great for both running and casual daywear, are the new Asics Sportstyle trainers. Due to the nature of the fabric, the limited edition Gel-Lyte III trainers changes colour in the sun.

Together with Berlin based sneaker company Solebox, Asics created a new version of the classic Gel-Lyte III running shoe. Hikmet Sugoer and his crew of Solebox incorporated a colour-changing feature into the shoe’s design: parts of the shoe have been treated with special high-tech photo chromatic ink that reacts with UV light. As a result, the Asics logo stripes turn from silver into purple in seconds when exposed to the sun. The Gel-Lyte III is characterized by its special running-shoe construction, lightweight and unique gel cushioning system, which was already used in the original Gel-Lyte III shoes back in the 80s.

After a successful launch at Solebox in August, Asics has introduced a limited number of 350 pairs of the Gel-Lyte III into the US and Europe. 60 Pairs will be available in the UK at Ryouki in Norwich, Hanon-Shop in Oxford, and Limited Editions in Aberdeen for £90. Asics Sportstyle is looking to launch an urban inspired range later this year.

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