Inditex supports Sichuan relief

An emergency plan has been activated by Spanish retail chain Inditex. The fashion company has handed over to the Red Cross International Federation a water purifier unit and undertaken to distribute humanitarian relief material especially addressed to children. Both initiatives, in the aggregate amount of five million dollars, are to help the rebuilding process started in the Sichuan region after the disaster caused by the earthquake last 12 May.

The Water and Sanitation Emergency Response Unit, has a purification capacity of 250,000 litres /day, thus ensuring the daily supply of drinking water for 25,000 individuals. Meanwhile, the humanitarian relief material, in the amount of 4.5 million dollars, is comprised of a range of basic commodities for children, an age group especially vulnerable in the event of such catastrophes.

The response of Inditex to such events as that occurred in China, is channelled through the so called ’emergency programs’ designed by the company in the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility model to help alleviate the negative impact on communities hit by a disaster. Over the last years, Inditex has activated its emergency programs in respect of the earthquake occurred in Peru, the fires in Greek forests, the tsunami in Sri Lanka or the sinking of oil tanker ‘Prestige’ off the Galician coasts in Spain.

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