Nordic Fashion Biennale

Iceland will see the launch of its first fashion biennale. The Nordic House will be hosting Nordic Fashion Biennale from 19th March to 5th April 2009. Taking place in Reykjavik, this year the focus will be on outstanding fashion and jewellery from the West-Nordic countries Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland. Its main event is a design exhibition ‘In Front of Creativity’ portraying the cream of West-Nordic fashion selected by the curator Matthias Wagner K. His selection demonstrates nature’s influence on West-Nordic designers. This includes the choice of materials, colours and form. Highlights at the Nordic Fashion Biennale include the Icelandic Design Days. The Nordic House will be filled with Icelandic fashion design, showrooms and parties.

Other events include The Fashion Conscience: A conference on sustainability in the fashion industry, seminar on future cooperation between West-Nordic fashion designers and inspiring talks from successful Nordic designers. In addition a photo exhibition will take place on Nordic Street Style at the Social-bar.

In Front of Creativity, Nordic Fashion Biennale in Reykjavik, is a forum for professionals, a cultural festival for city-dwellers and visitors – this is the place for inspiration and critical thinking.

Image: NFB

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