VIDEO: Evra gets intimate with raw chicken as he gears up for Thanksgiving

The unorthodox full-back gave food preparations professionals the world over a heart attack with his fowl treatment of an unwitting bird

All good chefs have a passion for the food they cook, but Patrice Evra may have taken things a little too far. 

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The former Manchester United and Juventus left-back, currently unattached, is famous for his ‘quirky’ Instagram videos. 

Under his catchphrase “I love this game”, Evra regularly provokes a giggle with his antics. 

This time, though, he has broken new boundaries in bizarre behaviour. 

“I know it’s tomorrow but for mister #ilovethisgame it’s #thanksgivingeveryday,” he wrote on the social media website, accompanied by a raw chicken. 

Things then got rather strange. 

Evra caressed his dinner tenderly to some romantic background music while seasoning, looking loving into the camera. 

He then kissed the poultry and licked his lips and even closed his mouth around a raw leg. 

The Frenchman’s actions break essentially every single food preparation guideline ever written, and will not do much for his chances of avoiding salmonella either. 

Will he offer an explanation for his fowl behaviour? Or will any justification at this point simply leave a bad taste in the mouth?

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