Lineker: One Arsenal player good enough for Liverpool, City

Gary Lineker believes that only one Arsenal player “would get in Tottenham, Manchester City or Liverpool’s side”.

Arsenal are fifth in the Premier League table and locked in a battle for fourth with Manchester United and Chelsea.

The Gunners are ten points behind third-placed Tottenham and 15 off the pace of leaders City and second-placed Liverpool.

Despite being close on points to Spurs than Wolves, Lineker believes that only one member of the Arsenal squad would actually get into any of the top three sides.

“They didn’t have the squad to compete when Wenger was there let alone now, so what is Emery really supposed to have been able to do so far?” he asked talkSPORT.

“How many of their team would get in Tottenham, Manchester City or Liverpool’s side? Ask yourself that.

“One possibly? Aubameyang? That would be it.

“It’s way too early, but that’s football in the modern day.

“At some clubs you get more time than others. I suspect at Arsenal you get more time, as you’ve got to look at the longevity of Wenger’s reign.

“He’s a good coach and he’s got a great track record, but it will be really difficult for them to get in the top four – I said that at the start of the season.”


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