RCMP Officer Is The Real Star Of WWE Wrestler Lacey Evans' Rude Traffic Stop Video

WWE wrestler Lacey Evans may have been just playing a part when she reamed out an RCMP officer for giving her a speeding ticket, but the officer’s response was as authentic as it gets.

The U.S. wrestler, who was in Edmonton for a WWE Live! show, posted a video on her Twitter account on Saturday. In the clip, she asks the RCMP officer if he knows who she is.

“You should know exactly who I am,” she says when he confirms he doesn’t know her. “Ya nasty thing, I’ll pay the ticket… you have a terrible day, sir.”

Evans uses her signature “ya nasty” catchphrase in the video, with many wrestling sites suggesting she was merely staying in character and embodying the “Sassy Southern Belle” personality she puts on when in the wrestling ring — one that is designed to be unlikeable.

The amused officer walks away from her car with a very Canadian: “Welcome to Edmonton.”

HuffPost Canada confirmed with the RCMP that the video is showing a legitimate traffic stop by an officer carrying out his duties, but the police service would not comment further.

Twitter users were not amused by the wrestler’s antics, and many called her out for the way she treated the officer. The officer’s chipper retort was repeated too.

Gimmick or not, we’re thinking Evans’ll think twice before sassing another Canadian.

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