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FashionUnited publishes a series of interviews dedicated to the most requested professionals in the field of fashion, both by the brands and by companies active in the fashion e-commerce and luxury. That’s why FashionUnited decided to hear from fashion and e-commerce companies to understand which are the most popular roles and how much employees in these positions earn. This week we interviewed: Annalisa Lucarelli, Head of People at Veepee Italy. The French event sales giant was founded in 2001 as Vente-Privee in Paris, France. It then became a conglomerate following a series of acquisitions made in recent years: from Privalia to Vente-exclusive, from Designer & Friends to Eboutic.

The e-tailer has a close collaboration with 7,000 brands that allows discounts from 50 to 70 percent of the recommended retail prices. With 6,000 employees and 72 million members worldwide, Veepee achieved a net sales value to consumers of 3.7 billion euros in 2018. The group has recently decided to transform itself into Veepee “with the ambition to continue the evolution of one of the largest e-commerce companies in Europe, already a combination of media and online sales platform, at the service of their creative brands and members,” explained the management. In particular in Italy, the group is present with the platforms of Vente-Privee and Privalia: the convergence in the global brand Veepee involves both sites.

What are the most sought after profiles now and what will be the most popular in the coming months?

The most searched profiles are part of our purchasing and supply chain teams. Let’s also say that half of the positions are divided between product managers and buyers and the other half is made up of profiles dedicated to the supply chain.

What do these professionals do?

The product manager is responsible for pricing, sales analysis and forecasting. The buyer is responsible for commercial negotiation based on stock, prices, marketing data and service level. The goal of this professional is to ensure the development of successful online sales. As for the supply chain professionals, I can say that they are responsible for logistical planning activities. They are in charge of warehouse management, quality management, haulage network, clearance management.

How much can these professionals aspire to earn?

Obviously, compensation varies according to experience. If we talk about junior profiles as recent graduates, for example, we are around 25 thousand euros per year. From 2 to 5 years of experience we are around 40 thousand euros gross. For the senior profiles we go up, we talk about figures starting from 45 thousand euros upwards. The remuneration of senior figures also depends on the role and the sector of origin. For product managers, buyers and category managers, we also envisage a bonus of up to 35 per cent of the gross annual salary.

What kind of training and skills are required to fill these roles?

As far as the supply chain is concerned, an academic background such as engineering or economics is required. Skills range from planning logistics flows, from commercial negotiation to delivery to the customer. Analytical skills, knowledge of modern warehouse management methods, commercial sensitivity and a focus on service levels complete the profile. With regard to the profiles that deal with sourcing, the training provided is the degree in economics. Expertise in analysis, project management (planning, process knowledge and time management) and interpersonal skills are provided.

Have you encountered or are you encountering difficulties in finding suitable professional figures for your research?

In general terms, no, of course, since this is a well-known brand, the biggest difficulty is that we receive a lot of CVs and we have to filter them. For example, one of our advertisements on Linkedin collects at least 700 applications in less than 24 hours. These are not all applications in line with the research and I must point out that we do not have a career section on our site.

What are the right characteristics and aptitudes to work in an environment like yours?

We have a very clear concept of talent. For us, an “a-talent”, i.e. our ideal candidate, is one who shares our values, has a great passion for their work and does not just perform a job but takes responsibility and ownership. We have the ambition to select and create an “a- talent” team: we are convinced that a context like ours gives young talents the opportunity to grow on skills and attitudes that are now increasingly in demand by the market. We also have opportunities for internal and international mobility. We always say that at Veepee you can change jobs without changing companies.

The original version of this interview was published on May 16th, 2019 on FashionUnited Italy. The text has been translated and slightly abbreviated for an international audience.

Photo: Annalisa Lucarelli, head of people Veepee Italy, from the Veepee press office

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