Raptors NBA Finals Tickets Start Around $1,000, So That's Cool


Legions of Toronto Raptors fans who have been yearning to see their beloved team in the NBA finals will soon get their wish — as long as they’re willing to watch it on a screen, of course.

Ahead of this Thursday’s Game 1 against the Golden State Warriors, fans have been gobsmacked by how quickly tickets have sold out and how much the ones being re-sold are going for.



Take a gander at Ticketmaster, for example, and you’ll find the cheapest resale tickets starting around a super cool and normal $1,300.

From there, they go up. Way, way up.

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The “best seats” available shoot up to around $12,000 each, and these aren’t even courtside. If you aren’t livid enough, bask in the fact that Ticketmaster is charging up to $2,000 alone in its oh-so-lovely service fees for these tickets.

On Stubhub, there are some “cheaper” tickets going for about $1,000. The catch? They’re standing room only.

The site also has courtside seats for us lucky mortals, starting around $10,000 and others that go up to slightly tougher-to-swallow $34,000.



Unsurprisingly, the astronomical prices have disappointed many fans who were hoping to take in the historic moment live. If that wasn’t enough, police are also warning of ticket scams amid all the Raptors fever and are offering this piece of sage advice: “If the purchase price appears too good to be true, it likely is.” 

Oh, well. History probably looks just as good from the ol’ couch. 

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