Journalist offers explanation after infuriating Guardiola

Pep Guardiola did not appreciate being asked for his thoughts on UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) investigation after Manchester City completed an historic domestic treble.

City steamrollered Watford 6-0 to lift the FA Cup at Wembley, completing an unprecedented domestic trio of titles in style.

But when asked if he has ever received payments from Manchester City’s owners for services other than his managerial role, Guardiola vented his frustrations.

He said: “Do you know the question you’re asking me, if I ever received money for another situation, right now, today?

“Honestly, do you think I deserve to have this type of question happen, on the day we won the treble, if I received money from other situations?

“Are you accusing me? Oh man.”

The journalist who asked the question, Rob Harris of The Associated Press, later took to Twitter to defend himself after criticism from City fans.

‘Opening of Q to Guardiola was “congratulations” and stating a recognition he isn’t responsible for club finances, while asking his reponse [sic] to those saying treble diminished because of probes,’ he said on Twitter.

‘Second part on Qs City not answered since November linked to leaks about Mancini/pay.

‘The media’s job isn’t to be cheerleaders. Easier life not to ask challenging questions of clubs we have dealings with and know. But that would be doing a disservice.

‘Acclaiming performances of players can be separated from the need to report the surrounding circumstances at clubs.’

Talking generally on the FFP investigation into City, Guardiola added: “Well I said yesterday we are not guilty.

“I listen to my chairman, my CEO, they give me arguments, and I trust them.

“When they tell me we did absolutely follow the rules, I’m sorry, I believe them.”


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