Liverpool fans beware, Man Utd finished second last season

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Look at us now…
A word of caution for Liverpool fans.

You guys were great this season, but we finished second last year and look at us now…

Just saying.


It feels like Manchester United are the Conservatives
As someone with no social media presence and a preference to engage in dialogue with friends over a glass of wine or in 1-1 messages, I have lurked on F365 for the past few years…never succumbing to the temptation to put fingers to keyboard….but this amazing season deserves that I take the time to contribute to the debate.

Firstly – as an LFC season ticket holder of over 30 years – let me offer some congratulations to Citeh.  This is the most accomplished, rounded and joyful Liverpool team that I have had the pleasure to watch.  Supporters can debate whether the 1987/8 team were on the same par (remember the 5-0 demolition of Forest one glorious April evening ?) – but a team with Spackman, Venison and Ablett – loyal, but limited servants, is just not on the same level as this current LFC team…the weak links are not really there.  So, for Citeh to finish ahead of these glorious boys, is a testimony to their own brilliance;  they are in their stride, took the injuries to De Bruyne well (Bernardo Silva what a season) and the table doesn’t lie – they won, fair and square.

So, as LFC lift themselves to prepare for a potentially raucous one-off 90 minutes against one of the only sides to give us a scare at Anfield this season (Spurs second half performance was impressive)… where do Liverpool look over the summer – what needs fixing ?    Well it seems to me, 3 things

consolidate the defensive strength – this season represents a greater improvement than anyone I know dared expect…but….against the most mobile midfields and especially faster,  higher pressing,  attacks we do get caught out on the overlap…more so right side than left (take a bow Andy – what a f*cking player you are – even Messi knows your name now !).  Does this need new personnel ?  Not at all – TAAs education will continue – is a tweaking point – he needs to take more care on positioning and the emergence of Fabinho’s brilliance in cleaning up in front of the defence will I think allow for maybe another 3-5 goal improvement in miserliness next season – sub 20 is doable.
continue the move to midfield dynamism – the past 2 months have seen a greater fluidity/threat from midfield compared to the rest of the season. Hendo’s galloping/harrying/assist laden game of late is one sign of this – but Keita too developed a real incisiveness lacking in earlier months.   This, with the Ox back,  offers me hope that Jurgen can again tweak, rather than anything bigger this area to give us a greater sense of threat through the midfield – supplementing our brilliant use of the FBs to create opportunities. Citeh have been streets ahead in this area for a few years now – with the Silva, De Bruyne and Gundogan threat now added to by another Silva….maybe that is a key source of their turning just one of their otherwise draws into a win to make the difference.  I expect LFC will improve on this next year
backup striking options – we have enjoyed largely injury free service from the front 3 this season – and Divock ( 3 times) and Studge (once) proved that we have plan B firepower.  But in the drive to turning 7 draws into 2-3 more wins next season – we can benefit from more options.  Sturridge presumably moves onto pastures new over the summer and Divock I think has been hugged sufficiently and shown us he really cares that the current arrangement can carry on happily.  That leaves space I think for 1-2 upgrades. One involves more bench and, progressively, game time for one of the most exciting products of the academy, Rhian Bewster.   His pace and attitude fit Klopp teams perfectly – let’s get him on the bench from the get go.   Finally, let’s show our transfer smarts again and poach Mitravic from Fulham.  Promise him the Shaq deal – some game time and the chance to be a hero 5 times a season and a place in the Champions League squad…I think he would jump at it and the boy knows where the goal is and offers something we don’t have right now;  without disrupting any fragile egos

Let’s see – Jurgen’s team are proving exceptional at this game of chess…the tweaks, the deals etc….they will,  I am sure,  surprise us to the upside.

And finally, to Utd.  The media is full of noise about how bad they are, what caused it and how to cure it….feels like Man U are the Conservatives ! There is a time-honoured phrase in entrepreneurally driven businesses

“the first generation makes it, the second generation spends it, and the third generation blows it”

I feel that Utd are combining the 2nd/3rd generations pretty efficiently.    As one of the first clubs to recognise the potential of football as a business they were a “first generation success”. They grew revenues, acquired “new generation fans” through their global brand and despite the weather in grim Manchester, lured some of the most exciting talents to their “adult Disneyland” (Trademark – E Woodward Esq – that’s how you missed out on Jurgen….ooops).   But – then the 2nd generation took over, became drunk on their financial power and thought they could buy anything and anyone.   They CAN pay more…the economics are in their favour…but the game has moved on.  The most powerful person at Citeh is Pep and at LFC, Jurgen.   No they are not the shareholder, yes they can be fired – but that would make no sense whatsoever.  They are so central to the entire setup – the glue which unites.   At some point each will move on – and the transition offers the biggest threat to both Citeh and LFC. However from what I can see (as an investor, used to looking closely at businesses) they are creating modern foundations in which the club is expertly run, everyone rowing in the same direction and what happens on the pitch is the pinnacle of the organisation’s purpose.    And then there is Utd……not sure I’d want to trust the former Cardiff relegatee as my “at the wheel saviour” when the car has bald tyres, bits hanging off and a dodgy transmission.

As I say – a glorious season.

See you in Madrid Citeh….you’ll find it on BT Sport.
Stuart (Liverpool, via Cotswolds and elsewhere)


Thank God that is over…
Thankfully an end to an absolute shit show of a season, a massive rebuild is now needed and people calling for Ole to be sacked need to give their heads a wobble, he needs time to bring in players and get rid of the toxic atmosphere created by our superstar Midfielder Pogba.

The Cardiff game was good for one thing showing people the future in Mason Greenwood, F365 are guilty of glossing over the fact John Moss had an absolute nightmare, the penalty given for a swing an miss by the Cardiff striker then failing to send of the Cardiff defender after bringing down Rashford when through on goal (not even a free kick apparently), I didn’t expect anything less from the overweight Leeds fan though.

Congratulations to City and well done Liverpool on your more points in a Season than Fergie Trophy, next season is going to be very interesting, City will spend again to replace Kompany at the very least, Liverpool after coming so close will want to bring in some talent, Chelsea might have to blood the youth due to their transfer ban, Spurs will be Spurs and possibly bring no-one in again, Arsenal will strengthen and United really need a good transfer window else we are fighting for 6-7 again.
Paul Murphy, Manchester


How do Arsenal challenge? Eight simple steps…
Mark ( still hope Spurs win mind!) MCFC …………….. here’s how you beat MCFC and Liverpool (from an Arsenal viewpoint ) …. Stand back… look what is good and bad …. Then buy better and train better and keep players fit …… therefore here’s what’s needed ;

Steve Bould to go and be replaced by the BFG/Koscielny …..

Get the good players fit – Bellerin (P 19 W11 D3 L5 ) and Holding (P16 W11 D5) were sorely missed

Play them in their right positions and keep them there ( they’ll know what’s expected then !)  – AMN/Lacazette/Ozil/Iwobi

Let some of the old wood out (Monreal/Kos/Welbz/Lichsteiner/Jenkinson/Elneny) and bring in the kids (Willock/Nketiah/Nelson/Smith Rowe) – this isn’t a quick fix !!

Buy players that add quality from teams not in big 6 and wont break Stan’s wallet ( stop swapping rubbish or buying it from ManU)  – eg Zaha/Fraser/Wilson C/Rice/anyone from Wolves/Doucoure/Tarkowski/Etheridge

Support the supporters – help us to believe !

Get that sports psychologist in who sorted our Ronnie O’Sullivan (away games only – Stan’s wallet has limits !)

Give Emery some time and space … for the record I don’t think he is the man but he’s there now so let’s give him a good summer and hopefully we win the Europa and Silent Stan sells us as a going concern

If that doesn’t work ( and surely Man City will be fully focused on CL and Liverpool will sell Mane and Salah to Real Madrid) then … lets revisit in a year

Click Here:

Simple really (‘’8 steps to winning’’ – in all good betting shops and some rubbish ones too)
Gary (what do the 4 teams in Europe finals do between now and then ? someone is going to be found in a nightclub at 4am) Enfield


Winter is coming for United Players
So Sanchez and Pogba are arguing over bonuses. Men who earn more in a week than most of us in several years. Arguing over bonuses. And then they wonder why supporters, who pay out a substantial amount of their income to watch these people, get pissed off when they don’t even try to earn their incredible amounts of dosh. There is a reckoning coming. An Anya. One of the players will be frozen out and the rest will fall like when the Night King was gotten. (It’s an analogy, not an encouragement to violence). The system will collapse. And they will discover that you don’t need these people, that winning by buying men who couldn’t care less about anything other than their pay packet doesn’t really mean anything.

Is City the greatest ever Premier League side? Or was it the United team of ’96 that won the Double with youngsters, homegrown, who were not playing for the money, but the joy? Or the Tottenham Double team of ’61 that was hardly paid at all, but just loved playing the game?

So now the summer of who buys who? Who spends the most? And soon it will be who cares?
I want to watch a United side brimming with young players, who might win or lose, but who will excite, take chances, be thrilled by a win over anyone.

Unless that happens Winter is coming for United.


Next season is an opportunity
It hurt to see an email talking about United alongside Wolves and Everton. It hurt because we deserved to be compared to them.

Similarly, I am sorry for Tottenham fans but Mauricio is leaving. He cannot top his accomplishments this year. There is a very low likelihood of Eriksson staying and if he has to rebuild Tottenham on a project, he may as well go to another place and get a fresh start where money is guaranteed. His ambitions beat Tottenhams at this point.

I see Real Madrid not having a vacant position for another three years. Either it is PSG, or an Italian club if not for United. Italian clubs dont have money as much for wages/transfers and PSG is as short term as it gets. PSG has Mourinho written all over it to be honest. Currently, United are the best fit in England for they are in shambles, have money and will give him a project to create a canvas. It would not matter that they are sixth. Take Poch out of Tottenham and move him to United and I would not be surprised if the league positions simply reverse.

That said, I am plain jealous of Tottenham now. You have a great manager who has built a solid team. Enjoy it while it lasts. Good luck for the final.


Team gradings
Since the end of the season is fresh I would like to introduce the new end-of-season school progressive school grading system for all Premier league clubs, it is a metric 100% more reliable than anything else, take it from me I am an expert in this system having developed it myself 5 minutes ago. I decided to just do the top 10 ( my lunch break is only so long) but may do the bottom ten tomorrow with a second lunch break.

Man City:
Grade: A
Manchester City have again managed to put in good results, consistent as well while suffering the kind of adversity with injuries their luxury squad was designed to handle, they will come back even more imperious next season but that lack of European finish takes their season from an A+ down to a still excellent grade.

Grade: A
Seperated by just a point during the longest season of intensely ridiculous winning runs by two teams we may see and currently third in the line of most successful premier league seasons with nothing to show for it, Liverpool have come in leaps and bounds over last year proving that 25 point gaps are possible if you have the right structure to overcome them, also likely to improve next season and with a nice European merit badge to gloss over their domestic cup troubles they deserve a similar grade to Man City as in reality very little has seperated them all year.

Grade: B
Struggling with squad difficulties, a shortened pre-season, the difficult departure of Conte and only one permanent squad signing of choice meant that at some point in January we were convinced Chelsea were destined to finally fail to maintain their successes despite change over all the recent history of the club. However a late rally in Europe league, a commendable and deceptively comfortable third place in the league could mean Chelsea end their season in the enviable position of Champions league football, a trophy and two finals. Not bad work and if it wasn’t for the transfer ban, squad aging and the uncertainty as to their backing of Sarri I would have them higher.

Grade: B+
Tempted to give them higher solely off of Europe but then I would be falling into the trap of recency bias and evaluating clubs based of a singular moment rather than an entire season, the truth is spurs were close to being in the mix for the honour roll this season with Liverpool and City but a combination of injuries, bad form and shifting focus through them into an unlikely top 4 battle where if Arsenal and Man united were not so wonderfully inept at times we may have been looking at 5th place tottenham needing even more incentive to win the champions league final they so wonderously qualified for, player sales and champs league money hopefully will give the excellent Poch some kind of ammunition to work with next season and Spurs squad as a whole seem like they can put in a shift for another year if they get things right, double aging centrebacks needs attention along with the Erikksen dilema.

Grade: B –
Some will say I am giving high marks but when you look at Arsenal and Chelsea before the season began you realistically wouldn’t have truly expected more. Sarri achieved essentially the best he could albeit in a very haphazard manner and the same could be said of Emery, having seemingly cracked the code numerous times during the season he failed to ever open the safe and reap the rewards instead losing his place and trying again. Arsenal however did and still will have a smaller budget than most, they aren’t necessarily in a good squad position with a weird mix up in terms of age and experience and have just lost Ramsey for free. A return to Europe my add a + to this mark but realistically I think they should be happy with their progress and hope that next season Emery can work some magic with an ecletic squad

Man United:
Grade: E
This has not been failure, realistically once Jose was throwing his toys in pre season you could already see the writing on the wall for Man United, however their is a reason why their grade dispairs when compared to the others. Man United have long sold themselves as the biggest club in World Football, although that potentially still is true never have they seemed further from having a team, squad and manager that fit that billing. Whereas the mitigating circumstances at other clubs have made their mediocre success seem earned to some degree in spite of their ownership, Man uniteds performances, decisions and players all generally seemed aligned, negatively as they hurtle towards abstract dissapointment but alignment nontheless. Many have pinpointed the lack of a Director of football as the cause of concern but I think to say the roots of the club have been infected in each and every possible manner with Man united is a much fairer observation. The players may have been affected by their surroundings but they clearly allow other priorities to distract them, the good players don’t care, some of the bad players who do care aren’t good enough to pull through. Solksjaer may have inspired a bit of nostalgia as he came back but his lack of skill and experience at this level is telling over these last 3 months, losing to Cardiff 2-0 in a reverse of his 5-1 win that heralded his coming as the United Zidane is fitting as it shows even within the Solksjaer microcosim of his tenure something has gone quite quite wrong. United need a flush, a new owner, a new manager, a new squad and a new lease on life, since the owners don’t look like changing anytime soon I would bank on the other ones hopefully happening.

Grade: A –
Newly promoted teams do not come 7th in this era usually and circumstances aside navigating the premier league is still a very successful achievement, FA Cup semi final capitulation aside ( they still had to even get into that position), Wolves have a good young squad, with players who don’t seem to be pushing for any rapid moves or will at least pull out another season it seems, a couple more agent inspired signings and maybe even europa league football will really give this season a stepping stone feel, I back them to come off better than burnely at least in regards to Europe and for that I give them a very very nice grade and I don’t think you could say that to anyone else this season barring Spurs, City and Liverpool.

Grade: C++
Denying Liverpool the title in hindsight ( or at least they can claim if they want too feel really good ) is always a bonus but in reality there have been some pinpointed difficulties this season that they will need to address but the fact that Silva and his squad can leave this season actually optimistically looking towards next year is a bonus considering at one point it looked like his title of ‘best manager to never actually finish a season or win alot of games’ was going to be well earned again. They can be proud of a squad that finally looks a tad more cohesive than just the upgraded QPR mercenary XI they were playing out as under Sam Allerdyce and hopefully the right backing of the money they have evidently seemed willing to spend will see them look to challenge for Top 4 Club position next season.

Leciester City:
Grade: C+ ( Probably a B+ since Brennan came in)
It feels weird giving leceister the lowest grade out the top ten but I think this is my recency bias kicking in finally. Leciester team on paper can do a job in most games and I don’t just mean a good old 19’60’s football smash and grab, between Maddison and Tielemans, Vardy and Ndidi and Maguire and Evans they have the foundations of a good side with the right mix of experience. Coming 9th behind Wolves and Evertons feels like a bit of a loss in my books however the unfortunate death of their owner, the Claude Puel tension and unrest between supporters and club vision, the dire football at times first half of the season and Jamie Vardy not having a parrty all give the first half of this year a very negative spin, the good work since then has really lifted up the feeling around Leciester and I would hope next season is a big one. however the lack of a cup run, the middling league position and the aging components ( and price of a potential Vardy replacement) means Leciester have some work to go home and do, their recent upsurge in worth ethic and attitude should do them well however.

Grade: C++
They have still spent alot of money, they still have one of the largest stadiums that feels a bit out of sorts with its club and their supporters feelings towards it, they still look like they aren’t quite that sure about what direction they as a team are heading but it looks like they finally settled down in class and are ready to be more diligent and careful in their work. Jack Wilshere and the odd Samri Nasri aside their recruitment has been better this season and a dovetailing Yarmalenko with Arnautovic seemed like it was going to come to fruition until they unfortunately run into that horrid injury. Issa Diop looks like a quality lad while Ogbonna probably looked like someone from Juventus should. Lanzinin without injuries would be a treat and Marko hopefully doesn’t throw away his season next year but a couple more considerate signings ( Ryan Frazier, Duffy and maybe mitrovic) could see them boslter a squad with reliability to go with their ecletic band of merrymen, expect this all to backfire when the club goes out and buys Alexis Sanchez but I wish them well.

The gradings are based realistically on where they were expected to come along with also the manner in which it was done, we probably expected Liverpool to come second but not with 97 points, a second european cup final and a couple wonderful nights in the bag, ditto City somehow making 98 points look lacklustre.

All luck to next season, I have to go to church everyday for the next 3 weeks so I can finally get my prayer answered ( number 6 please)

Kind regards,
Cole ( Salah obviously didn’t remember that he is a one season wonder this season, hopefully next year)


Alexis Sanchez has achieved the impossible
After reading the 2018/19 losers article I realised that Alexis Sanchez has proven everyone wrong and achieved the unthinkable.

He made Wiston Bogarde look like value for money.

Would love to see a side by side cost per minute comparison.
Simon, Woking (Too lazy to look up the stats myself)


Farewell, Chris…
So farewell Chris Hughton. It’s very difficult to be in any way measured about such a wonderful man, especially with emotions still riding high only a few hours after saying goodbye to Bruno.

In football terms I suspect that there aren’t many Albion fans who will mourn too much; the pragmatism and rigidity was beginning to wear, and the back half of this season was a slog and a half.

That said, what a wonderful few years he’s given us: guiding us to safety in 14/15 at the pointy end of the Championship with a team of Hyypia-curated misfits, the insanely tense failed promotion charge against Burnley and Boro the next season, the utter, utter, bewildering joy of promotion and then two seasons of doing (just about) what’s required in the Prem.

The mantra during our promotion season was #Together, and it was pretty clear that Hughton was at the very epicentre of this. I love him.

Chris, thanks for everything x
MattBackHome, BHAFC


To all those moaning from other clubs about the sacking of Chris Hughton – I don’t think they understand how the shoe would feel if it was on the other foot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I speak for almost all Brighton fans when I say this, that we are incredbily grateful for all he has done for us, the promotion, Premier League stablity, the lot.

Football is an entertainment business. In 2019 I have attended 9 Brighton games. In that time, I have seen us score 4 goals, and conceede 16, and 2 of those were against Derby in the FA Cup! The football has been stale, and there is increasing division in the stands. Some of us spend alot of time and money attending these games. We go because of the love of the club and the game, but we would like to be entertained too! Somehow United fans were allowed to moan about the style of football under Jose, but we aren’t allowed to moan about our style of football? Double standards.

Looking at some of the players signed in the transfer windows, there seemed like there was a disconnect between what Hughton wanted and what the recruitment staff wanted. Now feels like the right time to try and align that vision.

Thank you Chris,


Bye Chris. Thanks for the memories.

Big thanks to Chris Hughton for everything he has achieved with Brighton and Hove since he arrived at the club. He saved us from relegation and then missed automatic promotion in his first full season on goal difference before achieving the dream of Premier League football the next year. The last two years in the top flight have been great fun for the fans and he chucked in a FA cup semi-final at Wembley as well for good measure.

The poor run of results in the league cost him in the end and a lower points total and final league position this season shows regression rather than progression. There have still been some big results this season including a first point away to big six opposition and beating Manchester United. I feel he wasn’t always given the credit he deserved by some fans or pundits, this website included, with your re-writing of history in the five big questions article on the weekend stating he’d lost all but one of the games against the big six this season! He will be remembered as potentially our best ever manager and I wish him well.
Danny (I’ll miss Bruno more) Brighton


Though I have no doubt that a number of Brighton fans will have already written to your mailbox to detail the insipidity of some of the football that we have sat through this calendar year, I felt compelled to write and speak about the ambivalence that I am certain many will be feeling in response to the (interestingly abrupt, if not itself surprising) departure of one of our greatest ever managers.

Doubtless Hughton oversaw some great moments at the helm of this club, delivering us to the Premier League for the first time ever, an achievement made all the more remarkable by the state of the club upon his arrival following Hyppia’s wild ride. We marvelled at the brilliance of Anthony Knockaert in our promotion season, witnessed Pascal Gross transform from unknown prospect to Fantasy Football must-have in an impressive debut campaign and always, always relished the evergreen Glenn Murray, scourge of centre-backs and perennial fouler and foulee in equal measure. Victories over Manchester United (twice!) and Arsenal were memorable, the Amex gleamed in the Premier League sunshine and the future looked bright heading into this season, which did begin well, as a stellar October saw some Seagulls fans dreaming of Europe and Duffy and Ryan earning POTM nominations.

Of course, it didn’t work out that way, and nor did the second half of the season; the writing has been on the wall for Hughton in a cut-throat league that doesn’t care how nice you are. Three wins in twenty-three games is dismal form for any team and the goalscoring statistics make for grim reading. Locadia has been abysmal, Andone barely better and Jahanbaksh perhaps the worst of the lot, arriving as he did with a fine record (albeit in Holland) and the incision the team had been crying out for (Izquierdo still hasn’t quite got going yet) but delivering no goals or assists over the entire season. If we were to start next year the way we ended this, we would no doubt be looking down the barrel by Christmas, and I think the reason Hughton must go is that he simply doesn’t convince that he has the gumption to change the playing style or the playing staff with necessary ruthlessness, or indeed that he is reactionary enough to chase a game when we (inevitably) concede early.

Tony Bloom is a gambler, and this is a big call. The spectres of Wagner and McCarthy warn of eyes bigger than stomachs and Hughton has undoubtedly overseen a joyful era at this club, hopefully leaving us at a turning point at which a new manager can come in and elevate this from a club with excellent foundations to a real contender in the mould of Bournemouth. Hopefully Bloom has someone lined up to come in and hit the ground running. A plan is important now with regards to where we go from here – keep Dunk and Duffy together and fill the big shoes Bruno has left. Hughton’s are hardly small either.
Rex, Brighton



Probably not a particularly popular opinion, but I think Brighton have made the right decision in removing Hughton from his position today. His results over the past few months have been very poor, and looking at the league next season Brighton cannot afford to stand still.

I was discussing this with a mate at the weekend, if you look at the clubs who are coming up, who can they realistically expect to finish above next season? The only two I could name with any confidence are Burnley and Brighton, and I hesitated with Burnley. Southampton, Bournemouth and Newcastle I expect to kick on and avoid relegation next season more comfortably in Southampton’s case, and just as comfortably in Newcastle and Bouremouth’s case. That is not to say there will not be a surprise, but realistically speaking it is going to be very difficult for the teams coming into the Premier League next season to survive.

This leaves Brighton with a decision that needed to be made, continue with Houghton and hope he can improve them enough to start next season well, or bite the bullet and start afresh with a new manager this summer? They have opted for the latter and – depending on who they appoint of course – I think that is the right decision moving into next season.

Tim Harrington, London (QPR)


Important summer coming up for Liverpool
Having not written in for a while, I thought that now would be a perfect time to reflect on what has been an amazing yet bittersweet season.

1) Firstly, congratulations to Liverpool Football club, the players, staff and Jurgen. I do not need to repeat those phenomenal numbers again but just simply say that was unreal. Relentless, fighting football from a group of players who truly played for each other. I loved each and every moment of it and the next three months without this club will feel like a lifetime.

2) It is safe to say that the club has completed its return to the elite of European football. The last three seasons has seen us beat all the top teams, reach three European cup finals and reach top 4 consistently . Considering where we were when Jurgen first took over and that is an incredible achievement. Now is the time to be rewarded with a trophy for all those efforts.

3) A big thanks to Brighton who for a couple of minutes made me believe. A whirlwind of emotions were going on in those 120 seconds when it just seemed possible.

4) Onto our squad and putting the CL final aside for a moment aside, I think we have an another important summer coming up. Sturridge and Moreno are going so we definitely need to replace them. And while I would be okay with Adam Lewis from the academy replacing Moreno (Millie can play there as well), a forward is an absolute priority for us. Origi and Brewster will be given chances but I would  look to add another quality player to supplement our front 3. Neres/Werner/Eden Hazard (if he fancies it) would be perfect.
The rest of the squad should remain the same barring a new No.2 GK and cover for Trent at Right back if Clyne leaves.

5) Jurgen Klopp. Unrelenting. Determined. Passionate. Tactically astute. Played a near perfect season and still came up short. And if you think us fans must be hurting, you can only imagine what the poor guy must be going through.
Truth be told, there is not  a single result from this campaign that you would have felt annoyed with (barring the Leicester home game where Keita was denied a clear penalty). The away draws vs West Ham, Everton, Arsenal and Chelsea are all fantastic results given the quality of the opposition. The Man City ties were games determined by the smallest of margins. Even the United away result was fine given the great form they were in at that time.
I only hope the players and Jurgen can pick themselves up and look ahead to the final.

6) A big congratulations to Pep (whose League record since 2008 will never be matched) and his captain Kompany, the absolute big game player. Both were classy following victory and I look forward to the Liverpool-City games next year. Champions League final hopefully?!

7) And finally the biggest thank you to Anfield and its glorious, wonderful fans. I recently spent some time in Liverpool and all the articles, pictures and videos do not do full justice to just how magnificent Anfield is. The buzz around the stadium before kick-off, the frenzy inside when we scored, the songs, the flags, the joy..moments I will never forget.
Onto next season then.
Sid, LFC, India


The big weekend story
In all the the (deserved) praise for both teams finishing  at the top of the league I just wanted to point out, as nobody else did this morning, was Degsy’s 5-2 prediction for Palace Bournemouth. Fair f***ks mate, I don’t know where you pulled that from but Unlucky! Reminds of the 3-3 you gave us all on an WBA game towards the end of season a few/many years ago.
Carl (no more free bets ‘til August now) Oldfield MUFC Sunny Southport


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