Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool’s Ferguson era starts here

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G’won, Winty
You lot are f**king witches!

Big Midweek either has a time machine or we need to be burning you at the stake!

Bloody f**king hell! Football.
Luke, Red in Sussex. 


G’won, Smiddy
Smiddy, where art thou Smiddy?
Rob, Brighton.


Smiddy – where are you?
Mike Bickers


That arrogant egotist…


Can we get an apology from Smiddy now?
JH Aruba.


Valar morghulis, la
What do we say to death? Not today.  #YNWA
Zam from Zim (No matter what happens,  it’s our year)


Well, well, well
Who’d have thought it would be possible.

Something I never thought i’d witness as long as I live.

I mean even after seeing it I still can’t believe its true.

Dean Saunders was actually right for once, Barcelona are as good as Halifax.
John Wainwright


Alisson wonderland
Alisson is man of the match. Whatever happens


Fabinho is a monster. That’s all.


Magic Gini
GINI Winaldum you sexy thing
Kevin (WTF) Ireland


Kiss Matip
I know you will get lots of mails from excited Liverpool fans, and hopefully you can fit this in at the end, but can we have some praise from Matip please?

Liverpool’s 4th choice centre back and has been a regular since January since Lovren got injured, and has been outstanding, absolutely outstanding. Again tonight he was brilliant, VVD has rightfully taken the plaudits but Matip has been so so good since he has been called upon, he deserves so much praise as well which I haven’t really seen any outlet give him.
RJL – So proud to be a Liverpool fan win or lose, would be nice to win something but my god, how can you not respect this team?


Bloody Div
As a Liverpool fan, I understand this is not exactly the thing to be focusing on this morning. But has anyone else noticed that Origi doesn’t really seem to know what to do after he scores a goal? Last night he calming slotted away a low bouncing ball into the top corner and then sort of ran in a long looping circle eventually ending up in front of the Kop. When he scored against Newcastle, he did an equally similar apparently confused lope around for a few seconds before finding some team mates.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always had a soft spot for Origi, and was delighted when he wasn’t moved on last summer. It just he seems to lack the appropriate emotional response to scoring the sort of massive late in game winners/go ahead goals that he’s managed in the last 5 days. Is it just me? Did anyone else notice this?

Georgie Wijnaldum by comparison. There’s a man who knows how to celebrate a massive goal in an appropriately explosive manner.
Neville (well that goes some way to salving the deflation of THAT Kompany goal) in Melbourne


Klopp on Origi: “We’re going to have a lot of fun with this player”

Called it.
Sam, LFC, North Yorks 


I have it on good authority that after last night, Harry and Meghan are naming the baby Divock.
Bradley Kirrage


Player ratings
Alisson 10
Alexander-Arnold 10
van Dijk 10
Matip 10
Robertson 10
Henderson 10
Milner 10
Mane 10
Shaqiri 10
Origi 10

Winjaldum (sub 45) 10
Gomez (sub 85) 10
Sturridge (sub 90) 10.

Klopp 10
Dan, Plastic LFC (ratings out of 5)


I’m overwhelmed by far too many emotions to really a pen a half decent mail. But have you ever seen 11, no – 12 after half time, man of the match performances from one team?

Alisson saved everything. VVD and Matip gave almost nothing away. Robbo was everywhere before going off. TAA had his best game in a Liverpool shirt (and I’m only talking about defensively. Don’t get me started on THAT FU**ING CORNER). Fabinho kept Messi quiet while on a yellow. Milner played in about 17 positions. Henderson did absolutely everything. Gini. Oh Gini. Xherdan freaking Shaqiri was working his ass off. Mane took on just about every player in their back 4.

And last but not least. Divock Origi. What an absolute hero.

I have no idea how Klopp gets these performances out of his players, but long may it continue.

What a match. What a night. What a season.
Ryan C, LFC


Famous European nights at Anfield
I’m fine with people mocking the famous Anfield European nights.

Put your hand on your heart and tell me you wouldn’t want some of what just happened.

Origi doesn’t play much – he’s now scored probably the 4 biggest goals of our whole season. Just wow.
Aussie Red

That Anfield atmosphere is a myth though, isn’t it?
Tyla (tears) Roxburgh, Liverpool


Been a while since I last sent an email, hoping it will still be involved!

I want to try and take a different context on things. Impartial I am hoping.

Barcelona may not be the team they were under Pep and Luis Enrique but neither was ours. Players like Divock Origi and Xherdan Shaqiri played tonight (players who needless to say failed at Wolfsburg and Stoke) came out there tonight and gave everything. Trent Alexander Arnold who is still a young lad played the perfect match against a team who could have made mince of him, and to end it created THAT corner. The mindfulness, the precision, the quick thinking… If you are a fan of football then tonight you are a fan of Liverpool.

Jurgen Klopp did the right thing, talk us down and talk of a festival of football. Tonight was exactly that. Barcelona were threatening, and with Messi anything is possible. Maybe if Suarez had concentrated more on his skill than irritating then it would have been a different result. Semedo looks a brilliant player with his speed and control,  but Anfield now feels a fortress. This Liverpool team is now doing things that myself, having supported us for more than 30 years that are proving incredulous.

People will speak and haters will say that it was a lucky result, and damn straight it was lucky! Nobody beats Barcelona 4-0 without luck! But it took bravery, it took skill, it took a will to win and a huge amount of luck (btw… Alexander Arnold to be knighted for that corner kick alone!) And that is something that cannot be questioned by any fan of football.

So to the weekend, and “are we gonna win it?” … Well the truth is from my perspective… No. We  have been incredible, any true Liverpool fan will say this season has been a dream come true, we have played incredible football at times, we have played very stubborn football at others, and fallen over the line more often than not. And truthfully I don’t think right now we have quite enough to beat Man City. So fair f**ks to City if they do win it, the best team won.

But again whilst the City lads can call upon the players they have, just remember that Divock Origi and Giorginio Wijnaldum have just put Liverpool in the Champions League final.

Cowlick (or Grandad as he’s better known! 10 million pound Origi and 25 million pounds Wijnaldum… Pretty priceless in my eyes!)


That was simply phenomenal. Correction, there was nothing simple about that.

That was a demonstration of everything that leads to glory. The sheer skill and technical ability of Mane to constantly terrorise Barcelona’s backline, Allison’s perfect positioning and distribution, Matip’s composure in managing Messi’s genius, Hendseron, leading, fighting, driving, roaring, being everything for his teammates, Gini bossing Busquests, Fabinho orchestrating the match (with one hand tied behind his back), Trent exuding innate footballing intelligence, Shakiri expounding every ounce, Robertson brawling, Van Dijk and Milner, the grown ups on the field, steadying the ship and plotting the course to victory. Gomez and Sturridge providing comforting options. And Origi scoring. And Origi scoring. One more time, and Origi scoring, taking this phenomenal team to another consecutive Champions League final.

These young men have spent their lives preparing for last night, a lifetime’s work, there’s nothing simple about that.

And yet it took the work of another man’s lifetime to bring it altogether, Herr Klopp. Whatever he wins or doesn’t win in terms of titles, he has created magic, joy, hope and pure unadulterated ecstasy for millions. That makes him a winner.

Loving this team, loving football on this Wednesday morning.
Nilesh, Harrow


I can’t promise any sort of coherent conclusions from last night, but he’s some random thoughts following one of my greatest ever nights as a fan of Liverpool Football Club.

1. A few years ago, someone wrote into the mailbox describing Divok Origi as an avocado that wasn’t ripe and never would be. It was such a great analogy that I remember it years later. Well, smash that man up, stick him on some sourdough toast and sell him for £9 in Shoreditch because he came of age last night.

2. Football is amazing. And I don’t just mean surprising, but its just absolutely wonderful. From the disappointment of Monday night to the absolute elation of tonight, there’s just nothing else in life that can put you through those emotions in such a short space of time.

3. Rival fans often mock the alleged fawning of pundits over “special European nights” at Anfield, especially when they are not met with success. But I’m sorry. It’s real. They exist. There is something magical about that place. I’ve seen us need 3 second half goals against Olympiacos and score them. I’ve seen us need 3 second half goals against Dortmund and score them. Now I’ve seen us need 3 second half goals against Barcelona and score those too. Not to mention wins against City and Chelsea when they were Champions elect of England, in record breaking seasons, as well as many, many other special victories. I know we’re hated for fetishising it so much, but I don’t really care. On a European night, Anfield is the greatest ground in England.

4. Jurgen Klopp has now managed 3 seasons in Europe for Liverpool. He hasn’t lost a two-legged tie. Let that sink in.

5. Although last night was remarkable, it was also understandable. Liverpool were on top for large periods of the game at the Nou Camp. It certainly wasn’t a 3-0 game. Barca seriously struggled with Liverpool’s pace of football and it was no surprise to see them struggle again last night.

6. Having said that, no one would have predicted 4-0 in the best of circumstances. To do it without your top scorer and key centre forward makes it that much more miraculous. Liverpool don’t have outstanding strength in depth so to score 4 goals with Shaqiri, Origi and Mane is incredible.

7. On top of that, Liverpool also couldn’t concede. And they didn’t. The defence to a man were absolute warriors. It’s remarkable to think that people were saying Klopp can’t coach a defence last season. Of course it made sense at the time, but now seems like a distant memory.

8. I’ve never been a fan of away goals. It seems slightly unfair that after 180 minutes and a tied score, someone goes out. You can’t argue that it adds to the drama though. After Liverpool scored their 4th, the draw was out the equation. One goal for Barca and they would win the tie. God it was tense.

9. The way this Liverpool squad has been assembled is so impressive and a lesson to other clubs such as United. That is not a dig, just an illustration of the difference between the two clubs. One looked for superstars, one was pragmatic. Wijnaldum, Robertson, Shaqiri were all signed from relegated clubs. Matip and Milner were free transfers. Mane was signed from Southampton when no other top 6 club were looking at him. Could you really have seen United looking at any of those players? Identifying those kind of players is key. Then, when you do identify targets that will make a difference, targets with the right attitude and characteristics, spend big to get them.

10. I’m currently due to fly back from my honeymoon the night of the Champions League final. Thankfully my wife is understanding. Flights will be changed this morning.
Mike, LFC, London


Has there ever been such a swing of emotions in a 24 hour period in club football? Last night was so depressing. Tonight is incredible.

Christ I love/hate football sometimes
Dom Littleford 


By far the greatest (Liverpool) team the world (Minty) has ever seen
Just all the swear words. Throw in some blasphemy too. Wow.

That was every evolution of Klopp’s Liverpool in the microcosm of a single game. The start was a frenetic press. It didn’t really look like gegenpress because it wasn’t particularly tactical it was just everywhere and constant; Divock pressing their keeper when he’s so good with his feet was case in point. Then we scored the first and suddenly got more organised. We were still set up aggressively but also well prepared to defend. The second half brought the quick blitz. Klopp loved goals to follow goals because when we still had Karius and Lovren in defence it seemed to be the best way to protect a lead. But then at 3-3 it was new vintage 2019 Liverpool; like a surgeon with tiny little knife we probed, took all opportunity away from Barcelona and then carved them up. At 4-3 there wasn’t even a semblance of a fight from their lot. They were anaesthetised, quietly accepting their fate without complaint. Even Suarez forgot to keep trying to cheat.

Who can you focus praise on from that lot without feeling you’ve missed everyone else out. Alisson will probably be the unsung hero on the night. Made about 5 critical saves; nothing spectacular and yet it’s been so long since we had a keeper who did that consistently and it makes all the difference. Matip put Suarez in his big pocket and didn’t worry about much at all after that. Trent. Trent is simply sublime. He’s 20 years old and will play his 2nd champions league final in 2 seasons. Is there another 19-21 year old player influencing games of this magnitude? Mbappe/Sancho/Foden are names that spring to mind as players who don’t.

How many teams in world football can have 2 of their top 3 players taken out of their team and still then beat Barcelona 4-0? That is what Klopp does; he’s built a team with no stars that finds ways to function. They are the f**king mentality giants he called them in the post match interview. They are the best Liverpool team I’ve ever seen play in my life and they’re going to Madrid.

I saw so many eulogies written about Messi’s greatness last week and how he’d decided to win the Champions League again and nothing could stop him. Perhaps people shouldn’t write their match reports at half time.
Minty, LFC


Jurgen the bloody German
I just want to say a huge congratulations to Liverpool who were sensational, and have showed it isn’t all about “oil money”, but heart, intelligent owners, quality players and coaching. Even Origi looked like a pro footballer out there!

Huge shout out too to the 365ers like Tom Goldenballs et al who wrote in to slate me for suggesting Arsenal sack Wenger and hire Klopp from Dortmund ASAP in 2014. They chose to have a pop after Arsenal won a meaningless CL group game 2-0, at home to Klopp’s Dortmund.

“Be careful what you wish for” they said.

Enjoy the party Liverpool fans for it is throughly deserved. TAA, Mané and VVD are likeable players, the football is relentless and the fans in the stadium actually back their team. Bravo and Spurs better hope they lose to Ajax tonight.
Stewie Griffin (still not careful what he wishes for)


“From doubters to believers”. -Jurgen Klopp when he first took over at Liverpool FC. Well Jurgen, take a bow. Never give up. Heart in abundance. Let’s remember, this 4-0 over Barca was without 2/3rds of our devastating attack with no Salah and Firmino. Also Keita who has really come into form the last month. Give credit to the support, the belief, the players to know they were in it and Klopp.

Klopp masterclass. To take off Robertson/move Milner to LB and bring Gini on changed the game and take us to Madrid and the final!

Back to back Champions League finals, 94 points with one game left with a very very slim shot of League title. No matter what, we are believers.

The scary thing for the doubters is, this is mid project. To think Liverpool is all of a sudden not challenge for the top trophies is well, hopeful at best.
Adam (Anfield magic! Can’t deny it!) 


The Ferguson era is here
Scintillating,stunning and breathtaking . Liverpool time has started.. they look monsters. They look gladiators.. they look to go the distance. Liverpool has cohesiveness, they want to win it for each other. you can spend money and buy players  but you can’t buy spirit . They are millionaire footballers who give everything on the pitch, Unilke other teams .

What a manager we have . Ferguson era has just started. This will last for years to come.

We have started a beautiful journey, the footballing gods will be loving us.

Arsh, LFC, Delhi (TAA – genius !!)


Squad goals
Oh wow, what a game.  I always thought Barcelona would go through, but never ruled out Liverpool as they are always special at Anfield in the European nights.  More importantly, the match highlighted the importance of having good backup players who are not just there to fill up the numbers, but also add something different.

As brilliant as Barcelona are, it might be a tough transition in replacing the aging Messi, Busquets, Suarez, Vidal, & Pique  .  This defeat exposed frailties in their squad too often papered over by the sheer brilliance of Messi.  In the very rare occasions that Messi & co’s influence wanes, the team is severely limited by a bench that-decent as it is- doesn’t really have too many qualities not found in the first team (though a good argument for the fast, direct, but injury-prone Dembele can be made).

Contrast this with Liverpool.  Even though Sturridge, Shaqiri & Origi are -in general-inferior to Salah & Firmino, they carry a different threat ( Origi with his excellent holdup play & physicality for example) that help Liverpool even when Salah & other big names are not performing well/playing.  Same goes with the versatile Milner & the brilliant Wijnaldum ( whose days as a striker 4 years ago showed).  As we saw in the last World Cup, brilliant individuals could only get you so far if the squad is not good enough physically & mentally.  Just ask Argentina, Egypt, Brazil, & Portugal.

This is the very same reason why I was disappointed to see Giroud leave Arsenal.  The man is an aerial threat ,has excellent holdup play, & while he is not as good a poacher as Aubameyang or as ingenious as Lacazette, there are at least 5 vital games where he might have had an impact where Aubameyang & Lacazette would have not.  This is the difference between securing top 4 plus maybe an extra cup run & the current state we are in.  I also don’t like how some Arsenal fans demand that their club sell players like Iwobi, Koscielny, Monreal, Xhaka, Guendozi, etc (we certainly do need to sell a few players, but not mindlessly sell everyone!) as soon as one or more of them has a few bad games.  While one cannot call those players world class & by themselves are not good enough as regulars in a top European side ( as are Origi, etc.) they can be called upon if there is an injury crisis, underperformance from better players, etc.

Proper decisions should not only be on who to buy, but also who to sell.  In another world, Barcelona might have brought in the more dangerous goal threat of Paco Alcacer instead of Malcom to break Liverpool hearts.  In short, the robins are just as vital as the batmen in the modern game where 50 + games are played.
Mamoon S


Just brilliant
That was brilliant. James Milner is all emotional. I’m a bit emotional!! I’m not even a Liverpool fan!!! Football is amazing.

Jon, Lincoln


I’ve never written in before and I’m not even a Liverpool fan but wow. Wow. WOW. What a game.
Ian, Portsmouth


Lovely 5Live
I didn’t watch the game, but I felt I was there listening to Ian Dennis and Alan Shearer on BBC Radio 5Live. Utterly brilliant commentary, entwined with emotion and wonderful description. For the doubters, Shearer has won me over and he is better on the radio when flanked with the best in the business. Shearer’s ‘say what you see’ style and enthusiasm is a perfect foil for the medium and makes for a hugely enjoyable and different experience compared to suffering through listening to Gary Neville whine and prattle on for the whole time trying to say something clever and insightful. Great commentary makes you feel like you were there, and I lived the whole game. 5Live stirs the emotions on nights like this compared with Sky who seem to be intent on sucking all soul and enjoyment out of football with their approach to coverage like the City game on Monday. Now for the highlights when they come online… Take a bow Ian and Alan.
Rich (when’s that FFP investigation against City happening? Oh…), Cambridge


Frack off, Barca
Dear F365,

Frack you, Messi. Frack you, Suarez. Frack you, Barcelona.

Messi – if he was *that* good, well… Frack you, Messi.
Jonno McSchmonno


I wrote in last week after they lost to criticise the criticism of Barcelona as divers etc. So first off, fair play to Liverpool: that was hilarious. Well played.

Valverde has to go, that was a disgrace of a performance and there can be no argument that Liverpool deserved to win over two legs. When you’ve won the first leg 3-0, there can be no greater capitulation (unless you’re PSG).

Matt, EFC, London 


Love from City
I didn’t watch the Liverpool match last night, because I was still emotionally processing what I saw at the Etihad on Monday. There was work to do and there’s family, exercise and maybe even reading the odd book to fit in to my life as well as football.

So I was chest deep in business data and listening to the Rolling Stones and then Massive Attack as extraordinary events unfolded. And as a City fan that was the right thing for me to be doing. I didn’t sleep that much on Monday, which is profoundly ridiculous for a middle aged man with responsibilities but I had seen what I’d seen and then it became clear that the end may be very close to the playing career of an irreplaceable character in our club’s history – a deeply intelligent man as well as a world class footballer who has seen the obvious chance to go out on his terms and on an enormous high.

But I don’t need to have watched Liverpool to understand the scale of their achievement and acknowledge it utterly. Yes, I am sure neither leg was as one-sided as the scorelines suggested but that is what happens when one side is outstanding in both penalty boxes and the other is rather less so. Yes, it was ultimately a fairly even tie that one side just came out on top of, but I am not a killjoy. How must that feel, sucking the ball into the net just as the North Stand willed in goals by Aguero at 93:20, Dzeko in 2014 and Kompany in 2019 (not that the latter took too much persuading once it left Vinny’s foot).

No-one will bottle this from now on. If Ederson throws it in the net, ZInchenko scores an own goal from the halfway line or Sterling missed three chances from one metre, that’s life and we move on.  City have backed up 100 points with either 95, 96 or 98. That’s never been even approached before. Fine margins went against them in the Champions League, just as fine margins have gone in City’s and Liverpool’s favour in the league. If you think that achievement can airily be explained away and disregarded  by “oil money” then that is ultimately your loss and not mine. It’s a bit like refusing to acknowledge Beethoven or Renaissance Art because it’s “posh”. It’s  not worth dealing with timewasters like that.

I don’t think the match on Sunday is a gimme at all. Brighton will be playing under no pressure and will want to sign off on a positive note after a mediocre few months. Football is an intrinsically chaotic game.

But these days are ones I will never forget as a Manchester City fan. And Liverpool supporters should feel the same. We will be telling their great-grandchildren about it. But I make no apologies for trying to squeeze the life out of the Brighton match with early goals and endless possession. Can we all agree that both clubs have had enough excitement and emotion for one week and a quiet, routine City win with 3 goals in the first 20 minutes for Aguero is what we all need right now?
Mark Meadowcroft


Just a quick word on Liverpool from a lifelong City fan. What a class act they are (the team, not the fans), to blow Barca away like it’s a league cup game from 3 nil down and without two of their best players is nothing short of amazing.

Amongst all the die hard bias and denial, sometimes you just have to stand back and admire what you are seeing. I for one, will graciously accept defeat if we get pipped to the league by what continually proves to be one of the great teams of the PL era.
Marc, (MCFC) Bolton


Jealousy from Arsenal
I’m sitting here watching this and am thoroughly disgusted. Its 4-3 and liverpool are pulling off another major comeback. I’m not disgusted because its liverpool but as an arsenal fan its such a contrast to what we’ve had to look at for the last while.

Some of these liverpool guys are IMHO good players but not exceptional, but what you seem to get with the team and many liverpool teams over the years is a “right good go at it”.

You always have a chance, had also just texted a friend of mine who at 2-0 was just expecting some so called inevitable collapse.

There is 10 mins left they may still go out but bloody hell, you get your money’s worth.

I really do hope they go through!


Special club. Special players. Special fans. The Scouse part of this Gooner is so, so proud tonight.

Well done Liverpool, now go and win it.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


…and Man United…
I’m a United fan, and just have to say: this is genuinely impressive. Despite the rivalry, you just have to hold your hands up and say well done.

I’m not quite sure how Klopp is stealing our energy and infusing it into his players, but it’s the only explanation I can come up with. The amount of running is absolutely absurd.

Also watching Barca players complain about time-wasting is a wonderful, wonderful thing to watch.
Ryan, Bermuda. 


In the coming week(s) we might see city do the domestic treble.The other members of the “top 6” make it to European finals.

Then to add the nails to our coffin Liverpool win the champions league and arsenal win the Europa league meaning we’ll be the only members of the top 6 playing in the Europa league next season.

Christ what a nightmare of a season this is turning out to be for United fans if this doesn’t make the hierarchy wake up I don’t know what will.
A jealous United fan (congratulations to liverpool)


I must say as a Manchester United fan watching this match was a kick in the teeth on a cold arctic day to me, as a football fan this match was more orgasmic than Tyrion Lannister’s dying wish.

What a bloody match! Fair play to the true Kop, you’ll never walk alone along the road to Madrid cos me and my entire household are backing you!

I imagine Lionel Messi getting home and crawling under his sheet bawling his eyes out. Ahhh Joy.
Tosin Collins, Lagos


…and Chelsea…
I could go off on a rant about why I don’t like watching Liverpool win, but I’ll spare you all that.

Liverpool had to win 4-0 against Barcelona. They did it.

That was a great, nay fantastic performance. Even the Mr. Grumpy in me stood up and applauded.

Steve (on track for four PL teams in the two UEFA Finals – how weird is that?) CFC, Los Angeles


To be honest, as a Chelsea fan I wanted Liverpool to get eliminated in this competition and I was a bit restless when Origi scored at 7 minutes. I wanted Chelsea’s status as the last English team to win the CL to stay as it is until we win it next time. But when Origi scored the 4th goal I was jumping up like a Liverpool fan. It was such an astonishing performance and they deserve all the love coming to them. The way they coped without Salah and Firminho and then responded to that idiot Suarez’s challenge which ended Robertson’s evening is nothing short of awe inspiring. If this does not inspire Spurs tonight or any English clubs in the coming season, then nothing will.

Well done lads.
Sreekanth, Germany


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