Best friends achieve childhood dream of dressing up as one man to sneak into the movies.

Gather ‘round, grown-ups, and hear the tale of Bo Johnson and his friend Matthew, who overcame adulthood to achieve every child’s ultimate squad goal: dressing up multiple kids as an adult to sneak into the movies.

Granted, these guys are now too big to sit on each others’ shoulders and don a trench coat. Fortunately, America’s obesity crisis provided an alternate solution: be a really fat guy.

Perhaps even more amusing than their end result is the methodical way in which they tried to figure out how to disguise themselves.

At first, Matthew walks behind Bo, turning the “man” into a hunchback, before they finally settle on how to attach Matthew to Bo (who clearly doesn’t skip leg day) as a giant gut.

Extra layers of clothes help Matthew fit a little tighter around Bo’s stomach. 

While is appears as though the two are having sex, they’re just getting ready in the movie theater’s parking structure.

The two walk up to the ticket booth and the theater employee has no idea there are two guys in there.

The two make it to an elevator undetected and Matthew jumps out of the fat suit.

Here’s video of the whole plan coming together:

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