This poem by a ten-year-old with dyslexia is going viral because it perfectly captures the power of the disorder. 

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects areas of the brain that process language. People with dyslexia often have a difficult time reading, identifying the differences between certain letter or symbols, and performing math equations.

For people with dyslexia, school can be traumatizing. However, early intervention can help a child navigate the disorder and focus their individual strengths. 

In fact, studies show that people with dyslexia are often highly intelligent and may excel in fields such as music, art, or athletics. One ten-year-old student in England has shown that although they have dyslexia, it hasn’t hampered their ability to write inspiring poetry.

Jane Broadis is a teacher who shares her students’ work on Twitter. One poem she posted has received over 175,000 likes because it’s both clever and inspiring. Read forward, it expresses the frustrations that come with dyslexia. Read backward it’s an empowering message about believing in oneself. 

Forward it reads:

Backward it reads:

The poem has received some amazing responses on Twitter.

Share image by Jane Broadis / Twitter

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