My 350 on Donald Trump: in a free land according to my conscience

My wife gave birth to a baby boy the day
after the historic US election. I am blessed, in this western country, to
cast my vote, according to my conscience, for the President. I am truly
blessed to reside with my family and raise my children in a free country, in a
free land. In keeping with my Jewish religion, we held today a great
circumcision party for our new son, with dozens of family and friends. 

My Jewish values from the Bible and Talmud
(the Jewish ethics & law book) teach me to remember and share the sorrow of
others around me who are suffering, to speak up about others who are being
oppressed by evil rulers, even at this time of personal joy. 

From Abraham to Moses, and beyond, all of
our great Biblical leaders have refused to stand idly by while others were
being oppressed or persecuted. The Torah commands, "lo ta'amod al dam
re'echa," don't just stand there while your brother's blood is being
spilled. We are enjoined, rather, to act out in protest whenever we see injustice
afoot. This applies even where our enemies our concerned. For example, the
Talmud instructs us to come to the aid of someone for whom we feel antipathy
even before offering help to a friend.

Certainly, then, when our own countrymen
suffer, we must mount a forceful defense. Being of Ethiopian origin, I am
now keenly aware of, and made distraught by, the oppression of my countrymen,
the people of my birth land, who are suffering at the hands of their own
government. Anyone using Facebook, Whatsapp, or any other form of social
media, anyone watching or listening to international news outlets like VOA, is
subject to an imprisonment that is prolonged. People are not allowed to
walk in the streets in groups of two or more. The Tigray Liberation-led
Ethiopian tribal criminal government, TPLF, has killed many citizens who are
not its members. 

genocide has been reported in the media of many western nations. The
Freedom House reported that Ethiopia is the first African country to ban the
internet. At my great family party, we took time to remember these
offenses and publicly denounce these evil actions against humankind.

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