Carragher ridicules Neville over Liverpool-Man Utd XI

Jamie Carragher has mocked Gary Neville over his choice of players in his combined Liverpool-Manchester United XI.

Liverpool host United at Anfield on Sunday at 4pm once both sides have negotiated their midweek fixtures in the Champions League – with Jurgen Klopp’s men needing to beat Napoli to progress.

And ahead of the fixture both Neville and Carragher put together their combined Liverpool-United XI on Sky Sports with ex-Red Devils’ defender getting the most stick for his selections.

On Neville picking Eric Bailly, Carragher said: “Bailly doesn’t even get in the United team so why’s he getting in a combined team?”

Neville: “I just fancied putting a United player in the back four, to be honest.”

Carragher: “He doesn’t even play does he?”

Neville: “To be fair, do I think Matip and Lovren, individually, are brilliant? Not really. Do I think Bailly is brilliant? Not really. But I think actually if Bailly was put in that back four, he’d be the best of the three of them. I must admit it was tough. It was a flip of the coin.”

On picking Paul Pogba, Neville added: “Pogba I just thought holding in midfield.”

Carragher: “Holding!?”

Neville: “Yeah, I put him holding.”

[Carragher bursts out laughing]

Carragher: “Pogba holding? Holding what? Oh my god. He’s the most undisciplined player of all time.”

Neville: “He’s holding with Wijnaldum and Keita. I didn’t pick him with much conviction to be honest with you! I was clutching at straws.”


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