The Young Bucks On Invading Raw, Reveal Legal Threat From WWE, Was Vince McMahon Upset

– ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks recently participated in a “Ask Me Anything” chat on Reddit yesterday, check out a few of the highlights below:

Did you ever try to include CM Punk to the bullet club somehow?

Matt Jackson: Haha. I’ve been bugging him for over 2 years about that.

Who would you most like to have a match with in the WWE?

Matt: The Revival.

How fun was it invading Raw?

Matt: As we were filming, I realized that we were doing something very special. Something that had never been done before. It felt empowering.

Nick Jackson: We’re the only ones in the business currently who have the balls to do what we did. It was great and people will talk about it for a very long time!

Who do you guys think has the best super kick in the business? (Besides yourselves of course)

Matt: Usos hit some good ones.

Nick: Adam Cole, Lethal, Uso’s.

Is there any tag team living or dead that you think you could have your best match with?

Matt: The Rockers. Demolition. Hart Foundation. Chris Bosh and Scott Lost.

Nick: I’d love to work the Revival

Which do you think are the top 3 tag teams in WWE?

Matt: Hardy’s are number one all time anywhere. Gallows and Gun are quite the team too. New Day also. Three great teams. I can’t think of any other tag teams for this list. There, I listed three tag teams that aren’t called The Revival.

Nick: Hardy’s, Uso’s, New Day.

Are the WWE making you get rid of the too sweet hand gesture?

Matt: 24 hrs after the #BCInvasion, we (Nick & I) received a certain type of letter. Yes. They are trying to do just that.

Nick: That’s what it sounds like.

Is Vince McMahon really mad at you guys?

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Matt: Yes.

How does it feel being one of the hottest and most marketable acts in pro wrestling today? How do you both feel about the success you’ve obtained?

Matt: Would’ve never thought we’d be where we are today as a self-made act. Blows my mind. We’re very satisfied with what we’ve accomplished. I have a huge house.

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